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4 Awesome Ice Cream Spots in Rhode Island…Beat the Heat with Something Sweet!

Ice Cream in RI

The season is certainly right for ice cream, and, even if it wasn’t, Rhode Island has a lot to offer your sweet tooth. Here are just a few of the great local ice cream spots in the state.

1.  For a start, there’s The Original Vanilla Bean in Matunuck. Vanilla Bean is located right next to Matunuck Town Beach,Ice_Cream you can walk right from the shore into Vanilla Bean, and you really can’t ask for a better end to a day at the beach than that. While you really can’t go wrong with any of their flavors, their Coffee Oreo ice cream is a real can’t miss. The Vanilla Bean is a great spot to stop in and cool off after a long day out. You can learn more at www.facebook.com/VanillaBean.IceCream.

2.  On the east side of Providence, there’s the East Side Creamery on Ives Street , a block away from the Gano Street Park. Their ice cream comes straight from the Bliss Brothers Creamery in Attleboro, with twenty four different flavors at an affordable price. Learn more about the East Side Creamery at https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Original-Eastside-Creamery/137069953032700.

3.  There’s Brickley’s, with one store on Main Street in Wakefield and one Boston Neck Road in Narragansett. All their ice cream is made on-site at the Narragansett store, and you can really taste the difference. While they have all the staples available, including everyone’s favorite local flavor, coffee, they also offer a great variety of more adventurous flavors, including their much-loved Heath bar ice cream. Find out more at www.brickleys.com.

4.  If you’re up in Cumberland, check out the Ice Cream Machine on Diamond Hill. With a long list of ice cream and sherbets available, the Ice Cream Machine is a local staple, and one that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a place that really understands why people love ice cream in the first place. Check out their site at www.icecreampie.com.

We love to hear from you!  Where do you get your favorite scoop?

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  1. Holy Cow in Charlestown is hands down the best selection of flavors and the staff is spectacular! Check them out!

  2. Ben and Jerry’s on the East Side.Coconut Seven Layer in a chocolate dipped and sprinkled waffle cone add some hot fudge – awesome!

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