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Are You Ready for a Health Transformation?

We are thrilled to be able to be back outside with the workout portion of our fitness program. We continue to offer virtual options to meet the needs and comfort level of all of our clients. But wait, there’s so much more! Our name says it all, South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women. Before we dive into what that means for you, let us introduce ourselves. We are Ryan and Daniel Bate and have been members of our local community for our whole lives. We live locally with our three young children. It has been our shared passion to help women become the best version of themselves. This was when South County Adventure Boot Camp was born. Over the years, we realized that a health transformation is much more than your workout. Luckily, our program was already designed to offer just that! We have rebranded slightly to reflect what we are and all that we provide. South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women is more than fitness; it is a program to guide, support, and motivate you on your health transformation. As the name states, “boot camp and coaching for women,” our program goes far beyond your hour workout. Our program includes:

One Hour Intense and Exciting Workout (Virtual or In-Person):
Please note that the intensity level will meet you at your current fitness level and bring you to the next level. Do not let the word “intense” scare you off. Your coaches are there to challenge you appropriately. This is your health transformation; you only need to do your personal best.

Weekly Recipes and Interactive Cooking Classes:
Working out is only part of your healthy transformation. Proper nutrition is the key to becoming your healthiest you. South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women offers weekly recipes, engaging cooking classes, and overall proper eating tips, challenges, and guides.

Weekly Challenges:
As your coaches, we want you to be conscious of your goals all day long. We aim to stretch your limits and push you to the next level. Our weekly challenges do just that. Whether it be fitness, mindset, food, or health-related, the challenge will always push you just a bit more. Some challenges we have had in the past include:
Increasing Your Steps
8+ Hours of sleep
Try Plant-Based
Set Your Intentions
Mindful Journaling
Increase Your Fiber Intake
Increase Your Veggies
Add Balance to Your Day
These challenges provide you with the information that you can use beyond the weekly challenge. Each challenge is a new idea that will change your lifestyle for the better.

We are more than fitness instructors; we are your coaches. Our goal is to motivate you to do and be your best in all facets of your life. We are pushing you to do your best in the workout and also throughout your day. As parents of three, we know the struggles of finding the time just for you. Our program will help you find the time and adopt a mindset that understands the value of allotting yourself that time. Your success is our passion!

Have you ever had a gym membership that gets paid monthly and never used? Notice the gym does not call you and ask why you have not been on the treadmill or hitting the weight room. Love it or hate it; we will hold you accountable. We expect that you show up for the days you have planned to attend.

Are you ready to transform your life? Now more than ever, your health is most important. Join us at www.scbootcamp.com.

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