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Celebrating Successes with 12 Week Empower Weight Loss ✨

We are thrilled to share with you the successes of our most recent group of women who have completed or almost completed their first 12 week journey with us! Our 12 Week Empower Weight Loss program is designed to work with your lifestyle so you can make permanent and effective changes.  We can’t wait for you to listen to what our clients have to say! What we noticed most is that our clients found the program to be highly effective due to its simplicity, thoroughness, accountability, information, interactivity, communication, and adaptability.  As you will hear, these ladies are celebrating losing weight, gaining confidence, and most importantly; making changes that will last a lifetime.  This program is designed so that is easy to implement, meets your individual needs, holds you accountable, and provides you with the knowledge to make a permanent change.  Take a moment to listen to what these ladies have to say! You can join us and learn more by emailing us at Ryan@scbootcamp.com! We look forward to coaching you to be your best you in 2023 and beyond!


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