How About a Corn Maze?

Get Lost in one of the Corn Mazes in Rhode Island

As fall creeps in on us and the weather is definitely starting to cool down.  Most likely you are getting the bug for yourself looking fun fall ideas.  This time of year, corn mazes are literally cropping up all over the state.  From the north to the south…you will be able to find a maze of corn near you.  This is a great kid friendly activity to get you and your family in the spirit of fall.

Corn Mazes in Rhode Island
Corn Mazes in Rhode Island
Escobar’s Farm

Corn mazes are your regular old crops of corn that have been cut in a specific pattern, primarily to create a maze. Corn is easy to grow and cultivate and, most importantly, it grows high. Best of all, corn mazes have a variety of themes attached to them, making them more than routes cut into a corn maze.

You can expect as much from a corn maze as much as you can from a regular one. However, there are a few subtle differences. The reason people choose to visit corn mazes instead of shrub mazes is because corn mazes are significantly easier to run around in and you can see through them.

Most importantly though, large shrub mazes are not easy to find everywhere you go. This makes corn mazes an easy and accessible alternative.

Where to Find Corn Mazes in RI…

There are a few great places to find Corn Mazes when you’re in Rhode Island. Perhaps a few below will appease the Indiana Jones in you and your kids:

Whether it is your first time going to one or you want to conquer an old maze, we wish you all the best. Oh, and don’t get lost.

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