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Embracing 2021 Fitness Trends with South County Adventure Boot Camp!

The year 2020 indeed forced many changes upon our everyday lives. Schools, stores, restaurants, businesses, and fitness centers have all undergone significant changes. The fitness industry, in particular, has experienced a dramatic shift. At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we have adapted and found ways to embrace these new trends. Here are the three top trends we have harnessed in our fitness program.

  1.  Virtual: While in-person is always our goal, for now, we are grateful to be able to offer a fun, effective virtual workout. We will still be able to use this component to enhance our program and reach clients from all over the world. Our camp is virtual via Zoom. Our virtual sessions are live; imagine having your coach in your living room (or wherever you are) with you! We limit our registration so that we, as coaches, can give each client the attention they deserve. Unlike other online programs, you will receive direct feedback, tips, and motivation during our workout sessions. We know all of our campers by name, and in some cases, nicknames! South County Adventure Boot Camp has embraced the virtual and offers an effective and exciting workout from the comfort of…anywhere! We also have a database that features over 100 workouts if you can not make your scheduled time. All workouts are recorded and can be used at a later date.
  2. Group Training:  South County Adventure Boot Camp has always been a group training model. This is still true in our virtual sessions. We understand that the energy and motivation of other individuals can bring your workout to the next level. Now more than ever, we need socialization. Our program allows clients to interact with the coaches and with each other. Our in-person program is outdoors when possible; we utilize the space to keep clients safe yet together. Whether we are virtual or in-person, you can count on an incredible group of ladies to pick you up and keep you going.
  3. Coaching the Mind and Body: 2020 challenged us in many ways. With that challenge came the need to address not only our physical well-being but also our mental well-being. We have always believed that your mind is your most powerful asset. With coaching and training, we address the client as a whole. If your mind is not in the right spot, you will not reach your fitness goals. Our program includes more than just physical fitness. We are your coaches, and we are here to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle.

South County Adventure Boot Camp is here to take on 2021. We will equip you with the physical and mental wellness you need to become the healthiest version of yourself. As your coaches, we will be with you 110% of the way. Adapt and change; never give up! Join us at www.scbootcamp.com!

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