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EMPOWER Weight Loss, The 12 Week Program you Need!

We are given this one life and this one body; now is the time to let that sink in and choose to take the best care of yourself. As we age, this looks different. The key to this is a profound understanding that you are where you are, and you should not be chasing a past version of yourself but instead creating a future you. The future you who loves, cares and wholeheartedly accepts the body you are in. As you most likely know, this is easier said than done. That is where we come in, your coaches. We are here to provide you with the tools, support, motivation, and accountability you need to succeed 24/7.
We are excited to introduce our 12-week weight loss and accountability program! This program is tailored to your needs to ensure your success. Moreover, we will give you the knowledge and tools to transform your life. Now that you have come this far, let’s dive deeper. We want to introduce you to our newest program, “EMPOWER Weight Loss”!
What exactly is “EMPOWER Weight Loss”?
“EMPOWER Weight Loss” is a 12-week weight loss and accountability coaching program for women 35 years and older who want to lose 10-15 lbs naturally and sustainably. Is this YOU?
What will I get with “EMPOWER Weight Loss”?
“EMPOWER Weight Loss” is a 12-week program that will educate and motivate you. You will receive lifetime access to the curriculum on the pillars of health and wellness for optimal weight loss. The program is easy to follow and includes educational videos with weekly guidance; you will know exactly what to do.
As your coaches, we will be there for you 24/7! The program includes pop-up Facebook Live coaching and ZOOM calls to help you WIN your week, troubleshoot, and problem-solve to overcome any obstacles you may face. We will also be available for one-on-one phone calls and ZOOM calls on an as-needed basis. We are 100% here for you! If you are feeling lost or like you need to get back on track, reach out to us, and we will schedule a call with you!
You will also receive daily support and communication with your coaches through an easy-to-use interactive fitness app, Infinity Fitness and Wellness! You will experience 24/7 accountability, the critical component of success. We know information is abundant and easy to access, but without accountability, this information is not enough. Our program will give you all the information you need in one spot while providing you with accountability. The app is your guide to staying on track and getting personalized accountability through metric tracking, habit creation, food photo journaling, and recommendations.
“EMPOWER Weight Loss” will also provide access to our workout database. We will choose your weekly workouts for you; all you have to do is show up! Our goal is to make this easy for you and your busy life. You can do the workout anywhere, anytime, and you don’t even need to think about it. Each workout is challenging, engaging, and results-driven.
Here is why “EMPOWER Weight Loss” works:
It works because it’s a unique combination of food, fitness, and lifestyle, as well as implementing information by a structured program of accountability that makes the difference.
How is s “EMPOWER Weight Loss” different from other programs?
It’s different from everything else you have tried because it’s personally designed for women struggling with age and lifestyle habits to try and balance out their hormones which in turn prevents them from losing weight. This is NOT a cookie cutter program, and there is no calorie counting… NO overhauling of life. It’s about creating sustainable personalized habits so you never have to struggle with weight loss again.
We get to the heart of the issues (Foundational pillars) so that busy women over 35 can get results.
If you are ready to succeed with a program that will give you all the necessary tools, join us! All you need to do is click here to get started; the rest is done for you! Say goodbye to counting calories and fad diets, and say hello to your new way of life!  Join Here! 

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