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Exercise and Immunity, The Undeniable Links

Have you heard that exercise can boost immunity and ward off illness? The good news is that there is plenty of truth to this theory. Regular exercise can boost your immune system and help you to reduce and fight off infections.

First off, exercise increases your blood flow; this allows your organs optimal functioning. White blood cells are carried efficiently throughout the body, fighting off and preventing infections. Increased blood flow keeps your heart healthy and improves your brain function. The CDC recommends that adults get at a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week!

“A 2019 scientific review found that moderate-intensity exercise is linked to lower rates of upper respiratory tract infections, which includes viruses like the flu and common cold. For example, a 2018 study of 1413 people in China found that those who reported exercising at least three times a week reduced their likelihood of getting a cold by 26%.

Another 2018 study of 390 people found that those who were trained with an eight-week regimen of moderate exercise reduced their risk of acute respiratory illness by 14%, and their number of sick days by 23%, compared with people who did not receive the exercise training. ”


Physical activity may also flush bacteria from the airways and the lungs, thus reducing the chances of getting the flu, a cold, and other viruses. When you are engaging in moderate exercise, you will elevate the temperature of your body. A rise in body temp may prevent bacteria from growing as well as fight off existing bacteria. Regular exercise is has proved to reduce stress by fighting off stress hormones. Stress can wreak havoc on your body, namely your immune system.

Committing to a regular workout routine also means committing to yourself. You are far more likely to continue a healthy lifestyle once you have decided to change yourself and your body. What you put into your body can either feed or fight sickness and disease. Our program is more than just working out. It is a commitment to yourself to be the best version of yourself, physically, emotionally, and mentally. As your coaches, we will be behind you 100% of the way! Our program also offers you the option to workout in person or virtually! We even have a database of over 100 workouts, so need to skip a day! Join us at www.scbootcamp.com, stay healthy, stay strong!

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