Gala Apple Whiskey Release from Sons of Liberty Co.!

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. is proud to announce the newest addition to the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies with Gala Apple.

Gala Apple joins the first U.S. craft whiskey to ever take home World’s Best honors from Whisky Magazine’s annual World Whiskies Awards – Pumpkin Spice Whiskey, in Sons of Liberty’s family of seasonal whiskies.

“We launched the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies in 2012 with the idea that brewers had been crafting seasonal beers for so long, why not bring that concept to whiskey?” said Sons of Liberty Owner, Mike Reppucci. “Being a New England distillery, the seasonal flavors harvested here are awesome to work with and we love pairing those flavors with our whiskies to create a drink appropriate for the season.”

Sons of Liberty utilized more than 9,000 fresh Gala Apples from two Connecticut orchards, Blue Hills Orchard and Drazen Orchards, for its inaugural release of Gala Apple. The apples were brought to New England Cider Company where the apples were shredded into a sauce-like mash called pumice. This mash of apples was then pressed to extract as much juice as possible from the fresh fruit. The Sons of Liberty crew brought the delicious juice back to the distillery where they blended it with a barrel-aged whiskey they made specifically for this release.

The finished product begs to be enjoyed on a cool, New England fall night. The crisp, subtly sweet apple notes pair perfectly with the whiskey to create a drink that is fit for the season. With no artificial flavors added, Gala Apple lacks the sweet, saccharin taste of common flavored spirits and delivers a natural pairing of local seasonal produce and single-malt craft whiskey.

Gala Apple is now available throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Sons of Liberty Gala Apple Whiskey (1)

About Sons of Liberty Spirits Co.

The Sons of Liberty ( believe that being American means taking a stand without compromise and fearlessly pursuing your dreams no matter what stands in your way. Sons of Liberty Spirits was founded to revolutionize and redefine American Spirits, and they are doing so using a beer into spirit methodology. Challenging century old traditions, Sons of Liberty produces two American Single Malt Whiskies born from distinctly flavorful beers (UPRISING and BATTLE CRY) and the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies (Sons of Liberty Seasonals). Proving their passion has now bounds, the whiskies are accompanied by True Born Gin – Belgian Wheat Act, a Genever Style Gin distilled from a Belgian Wheat Beer. The Sons of Liberty distillery is located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island and their products are distributed throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Please visit to find locations carrying Sons of Liberty products.


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