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Guest Blogger Karen Stackow

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Fell in Love at the Car Show

By: Karen Stackow

Pitchers garage in Perryville sponsored a car show that made my day. There is something to be said for a grease stained parking lot filled with interesting people, classic cars, and a smokey grill that speaks to me. This event was classic south county with it’s Swamp Yankee showing. The sun was shining making each car gleam and speak to us with its glossy yet antique patina. There was a wide range of cars lined up, no theme just classics. I was enamored with the Model T’s, which command respect and admiration. Back in those days things were made with an artists spin and meant to make everyone jealous. I was especially jealous of an owner of one amazingly beautiful black 57 Ford Thunderbird. The black paint was burning my arms as I leaned in to see and smell the interior. The old car smell is much the same as the new car smell, distinct and full of wild ideas of wild times that this car has seen. I admired it for way longer than most people did, I took multiple pictures from multiple angles never quite capturing its total beauty and style. I imagined myself driving it ( a bit too fast) and felt free to,as many of us were were doing. The crowd all smiled at me as they passed, it was obvious I was in love with this car, and I cared not who knew. Some conversations were had about it but mostly I just walked around it admiring each chrome piece, the whitewall tires, and amazing grill. At one point a man behind me said to his friend I should buy this for my wife, which made me desperately want such a husband.
The other cars there were amazing as well, and one Plymouth K car made me chuckle as it is a classic yet seemed way out of place in a humorous 1980’s sort of way. The difference between how cars from the 50 and 60’s were built to the days of the K car is laughable. A VW bug made me remember my days of driving an orange semi-automatic as a teenager, I have always loved old cars and now my blood pumps with desire for my own T-bird.

I wish that desire alone brought us what we want most, for if it did my garage and entire driveway would be a classic car show everyday. Thank you Pitchers garage for hosting this event that was free, open to the public and truly amazing in the most simple of ways. Thank you to the owner of the 57 T-bird for giving me some new goals and wonderful dreams, I needed that. We all need a fascination to distract us from the everyday, and today I am living and dreaming 1957.

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