Health First: Womens Wellness Coaching

Coaches and husband and wife team Ryan and Danielle Bate bring you a new wellness series coaching covering various health and wellness topics while focusing on helping you, to create health first habits to get you the results you want and literally change your life. Their fun, light, energetic, amusing, yet informative coaching series will allow you to make changes that are not stressful and WILL NOT overhaul your life and you will even laugh and have fun along the way.  Ryan and Danielle cover relatable topics and give you the tools to create a healthier version of you.  From creating healthy holiday habits to managing your time better, Ryan and Danielle are a wealth of knowledge and the coaches you need on your wellness journey.

What is a Coaching Call?

A coaching call is an opportunity to meet directly with your coaches on a focused health and wellness topic.  These calls are interactive and informative.  They are meant to leave you with knowledge, tips, and ways to improve your current lifestyle.  Topics are always announced in advance so you can know what to expect.  Ryan and Danielle are also open to suggested topics, as many of us encounter the same obstacles and are seeking similar outcomes.

Why a Coaching Call?

You know that conversation you have with a BFF who just gets it?  The one who sets you straight and sends you on your way feeling empowered and ready.  This is what a coaching call feels like.  You will get off the call feeling empowered to make the changes you need for a healthier lifestyle.  A Coaching Call will remind you that you CAN and WILL do this, without overhauling your life.  Small changes lead to big results, this is easy to forget…Coaching Calls will remind you.


What are Coaching Calls about?

Well, if you haven’t guessed yet, they are about health and wellness.  The topics cover anything from time management, portion control, workouts, sleep habits and beyond.  If it pertains to your wellness, it is a worthy topic.  Below you can see some past coaching calls.


How can you access a Coaching Call?

The best way is to join our Facebook group, upcoming calls and topics will be announced there.  JOIN HERE

You can also email us at or

Ryan and Danielle are ready to see YOU on the next Coaching Call!