How to Begin Your Fitness Journey, Here’s What You Need to Know

Every journey begins with a dream, followed by commitment. A fitness journey is no different. While it may seem daunting initially, it can be quite exciting. As fitness and wellness coaches, we have learned much about what works and what results in success.
Once the journey is afoot, the next step is up to you to commit yourself. Decide you are ready for change and accept that you are your biggest ally. Understand that believing in yourself is critical to your success. As your coaches, we guide you and remind you just how capable you are.   Remind yourself consistently that no matter what arises, you will succeed. Our program is ideal for anyone starting on a fitness journey. From avid athletes to first-timers, SC Boot Camp and Coaching for Women will guarantee a successful start. Once you have committed to yourself, now is the time to start goal setting.
Set small attainable goals and long-term goals. For example, this week, I will exercise at least three times for a minimum of thirty minutes.    A longer-term goal is to learn to do a burpee within the next six months. Goals should be specific to you and your vision. Meditation, mantras, vision boards, and the like are ways to keep your goal front and center. It is also important to surround yourself with those who fan your flames. South County Boot Camp and  Coaching for Women does just that. We offer group workouts with women who are there to support you and help you crush your goals. And, of course, your coaches, Ryan and Danielle, are behind you every step or squat.
Now that you are committed to yourself and have created goals, it is time to formulate your plan.   Decide what works for you and your schedule. Hold yourself accountable to your plan and put it into action. Progress is progress, and that is key. South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women make planning and scheduling easy. We design the workouts to be challenging and different every single day; we never repeat a workout. With flexible scheduling and workout created for you, you are bound to be successful!
As you continue on your fitness journey, be gentle with yourself. Celebrate your milestones; we surely will! Be mindful throughout your day, constantly revisiting your goals and assessing what works and what is not. Guidance from your coaches will only benefit you as you set out to crush your goals. If our program sounds like the start or restart to your fitness journey, check us out at Our upcoming camps are outdoors, the perfect way to jumpstart your journey!

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