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J Class World Championships!

This week, Newport and Narragansett Bay will host the J Class World Championships. J Class refers to a specific type of single-masted racing yacht, built according to design rules introduced in 1903 by renowned naval architect Nathaniel Herreshoff of Bristol, RI. Six of the nine J class boats in existence will be competing this week; you won’t miss them – elegant silhouettes, large sail areas, and each boat is approximately 130-140 ft in length – longer than a tennis court!

Depending on weather and wind conditions, the courses will be set either in the bay or out in the Sound. Either way, guests at CHI will have a front-row view of their comings and goings, and we can expect to be busy all week.

Practice races will take place after 11am tomorrow, and racing will take place Tuesday through Saturday inclusive.

More details here!

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