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Looking to Avoid Injury or Get Back into a Fitness Routine Post Injury?

The new year is upon us, and many of us are creating resolutions and making goals for a better year to come. At South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women, we love to be a part of those goals! In particular, we would like to let you know how our program can prevent injury or help you get back into a fitness routine post-injury.

As fitness and wellness coaches, we know that an injury can derail your goals. Did you know that most fitness-related injuries are preventable? There are several common causes of injury while working out. As your coaches, our job is to teach you to avoid getting hurt and help you ease back into a routine after an injury. How do we do that?

Proper Form and Technique:

One of the leading causes of injury is improper form or technique. Without proper coaching and individualized attention, we can quickly get hurt. All exercises (weighted or not) are demonstrated with the correct technique. After the demonstration, campers practice making sure they have correct form along with the proper weight. Whether you are virtual, in-person, or both, your coaches will be watching you throughout the workout to make sure your form is correct.

Challenge Yourself Appropriately:

Getting back into a fitness routine after being hurt can be daunting. Our program offers individualized attention and goal setting. We know each client’s fitness goals and needs. We will work with you to modify and workout as you recover, gain strength, and meet new goals! We show several progressions to most exercises so that each camper can work at their fitness level. Knowing your fitness level avoids injury and allows you to get back into a routine. Personalized coaching is our key to client success. Our program works for all ages and fitness levels. If you are worried about injury or are getting back after being hurt, you can rest assured our guidance will keep you safe and on track.

Listen to Your Body:

Our approach teaches clients to listen to their bodies and adjust accordingly. Fatigue and tightness can lead to injury. One thing you will hear us say often is, “rest to give your best.” If we see that your form is off, we will remind you to take a break and get back into it when you are ready. Each hour begins with a light stretch and ends with deeper stretching. We encourage you to take what you learn in camp and incorporate stretching into your daily routine. Our program is designed to help you prevent and recover from injury in and out of our workouts.

If you have been hesitant to get into or back into a fitness program, join us at www.scbootcamp.com. Let our coaching take your fitness to the next level.


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