Masonry in Rhode Island

Masonry in Rhode Island
Masonry in Rhode Island

Masonry in Rhode Island

Masonry in Rhode Island encompasses a wide variety of services.  You might be looking to enhance your landscape with a stone walkway or a native stone wall, in this case working closely with a local mason is imperative.  The upcoming warm weather has us wanting to move outdoors as much as possible.  A blue-stone patio might be a great option for your home or business.  Outdoor fire pits and wood grilled ovens make entertaining outside easy and exciting.  Native New England Landscapes offers all of these masonry services as well as many others.

Masonry in Rhode Island Services:

– Traditional dry laid New England field stone walls

– Stone wall restoration

– Mortared walls

– Retaining walls

– Patios

– Walkways

– Stone veneer

– Antique handcrafted granite

– Fire pits

– Boulder placement

– Stone hearths

– Architectural stone

– Water features and ponds

Native New England Landscapes
Native New England Landscapes









If you are looking for a local stone mason…do not hesitate on calling Native New England Landscapes.  They are one of Rhode Island’s best known local stone mason companies.  They service Newport, Jamestown, Wakefield, Charlestown, Block Island, Providence, and the surrounding areas.  Native New England Landscapes is known for their professionalism, punctuality, and ability to create wonders out of stone.

Masonry in Rhode Island…call Native New England Landscapes today!


Make your landscape an outdoor place for entertaining and enjoying your surroundings.


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