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Meet Chuck Staton of Senior Discount!

RI Blogger recently caught up with musician/filmmaker/journalist Chuck Staton. Yes, he is a very busy and pretty interesting guy! Don’t take our word for it, though. Ladies and gentlemen…heeeeerrrreeee’s Chuck!

So I’m Chuck Staton.

– I’ve been playing in a pop-punk band (Senior Discount) for over a decade as the lead singer/guitarist. We’ve played all over the East Coast (RI, MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, VT, etc) with tons of national artists (mash-up DJ Girl Talk, Gym Class Heroes, Boys Like Girls, The Ataris, etc). We just got signed to a national record label (Paper + Plastick Records) by the founder (Vinnie Fiorello, the drummer of Less Than Jake). We’re releasing a new album next Friday, with a huge album release show in our home city of Providence, RI.

We’ve also been asked to join the final Vans Warped Tour that weekend in Hartford.

Sounds great, Chuck. What do you do when you’re not onstage rocking and rolling?

– I’m a filmmaker. I have a BA in film from Rhode Island College. I do independent film work, and I also work for the guys from AMC’s Comic Book Men and TruTV’s Impractical Jokers consistently. I directed/edited their comedy special that came out last summer, and I just edited a gameshow that we shot in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.

So busy musician and filmmaker, WOW! What else have you got going on?

– I’m also a journalist, and I do a podcast based on artistry. I’ve been doing “The Chuck and Brad Podcast” for nine years. We’ve had tons of artists on, including in-depth interviews with musicians like Bowling for Soup. Hulu sent us to the Tribeca Film Festival last year to interview Jeff Tremaine (director of the Jackass movies). We’ve also interviewed storyboard artist for the movie “The Town” Jason Mayoh, Disney animator Nicholas Kole, plus many, many other bands, comedians, artists and entrepreneurs.
I also write for Providence Monthly and Motif Magazine.

Well Chuck, looks like you are a Triple Threat! It’s really wonderful to have such a multi – talented artist, like yourself, right here in Rhode Island. Let’s get back to the music, though. As we understand it, your band Senior Discount, recently released a new album. Can you tell us about that?

The new Senior Discount album is called “The Best Revenge,” and I think this album is our most consistent album. Our previous albums have had a lot of variation (which I do love) but this album really focuses on the heart of Senior Discount, which is fast, fun, energetic music.
This is a link to the album: http://vbwkids.com/thebestrevenge/MP3s/

We’re really hoping that the association with Paper + Plastick records will get our music out to new people, and we’re beyond thrilled that Vinnie from Less Than Jake is signing us to his label. Less Than Jake has ALWAYS been one of the top bands (along with blink-182, NOFX and Green Day) that we’ve looked up to, and has been a monstrous influence on Senior Discount. LTJ are exactly what we look to emulate when it comes to combining an energetic live show, with being fun and polished. They’re incredible. So being associated with Vinnie, and Paper + Plastick Records is HUGE to us.

Congratulations! Can you tell us a little about your upcoming show with Badfish?

The show is going to be super fun. We’ve played with Badfish many times in Providence, we’ve always really complimented each other and had very, very fun shows together. I’m also thrilled that The Whiskey Republic is willing to put on an outdoor show for our album release party. We wanted to create a very special event for our album release, we didn’t want this to just feel like another show, and the show that came together is absolutely perfect for us. I love it when shows can really feel like an event and this show is such a fun, rare, specific thing for the city that I hope everybody around the music scene comes out. One of the things we’re really looking to promote with signing, is a little more unity in the Providence music scene. When we started, there was a lot more multi-genre shows, and now it feels like everyone is separated. I would love to help bring back the trend of putting together more varied shows, and having all different types of bands play together.

Thank you again, Chuck! It has been a pleasure to get to know you! Check out Senior Discount with Badfish this Friday at the Waterfront Block Party in Providence, starting at 7pm.



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