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Our Off Week HIIT Program is a Hit!


HIIT, high-intensity interval training, is an effective and challenging way to get a quicker-paced workout. If you are already a boot camper, you know that we run four weeks on and one week off, until now! If you are interested in staying active during the “off week,” you can join our HIIT Squad! This way, you can stay consistent with your workouts rather than taking time off.

Workout Details:

*Must have completed at least one full 4 week camp in the past year 2021 or 2022.

* These are going to be quick-style workout sessions, be warmed up and ready to go when the workout starts.

* 30 mins to keep you moving (not a lot of exercise demonstration—be warmed up before and be ready to go.)

The HIIT schedule is as follows:

July 25-29

Aug. 29- Sept. 2

Oct. 3-7

Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings 30 Minute Sessions in person with Ryan at Broad Rock




Tuesday and Thursday mornings 30 minutes Virtual with Danielle 



The HIIT program, like our four weeks camps, is a new challenging workout each session. These are designed to be fast for maximum impact; come warmed up and ready to go! The benefits of a HIIT workout are many. To begin, a HIIT session can burn a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time. For this reason, our sessions are shorter than the usual hour.  

“One of the ways HIIT helps you burn calories actually comes after you’re done exercising.

Several studies have demonstrated HIIT’s impressive ability to increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercise (10Trusted Source11Trusted Source12Trusted Source).

Some researchers have even found that HIIT increases your metabolism after exercise more so than jogging or weight training (10Trusted Source).

The same study also found that HIIT could shift the body’s metabolism toward using fat for energy rather than carbs.” -healthline.com

Another benefit of HIIT is that you will lose fat and gain muscle, a common reason we start a fitness program. Added benefits include enhanced performance in your workout programs, reduced blood sugar, promotes heart health, and a quick way to get in your workout! If you are ready to take your adventure with us to the next level, join the HIIT Squad today! www.scbootcamp.com or email ryan@scbootcamp.com

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