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Rhode Island Ice Cream

Rhode Island Ice Cream
Rhode Island Ice Cream
Holy Cow

Rhode Island Ice Cream

Kids…you are going to thank me for this post!  Summer brings many long awaited experiences…such as your first swim of the season or the first barbeque in the backyard.  One of these “firsts” that both kids and adults have been waiting for is the first ice cream cone of the season.  That creamy cool treat that takes the heat off a summer night.  The long line, the sticky pavement, and the smell of waffle cones are all a part of the Rhode Island Ice Cream experience.  In that line there is always one person who is wearing the worst sunburn of the day, again this is part of the experience.  If you are like me, you already know the flavor you are going to get, but for some reason the decision is still just as hard.  I insist upon reading all of the flavors and imagining what each one would taste like.  Then, I get to the front of the line and I say…”cone of coffee please.”  I guess that is the nature of a Rhode Islander…coffee milk, coffee ice cream, and of course iced coffee.  Aside from the flavors, you need to know where to get your first cone of the season.

Rhode Island Ice Cream…great spots:

  • Brickleys-Narragansett and Wakefield
  • Grays Ice Cream- Tiverton
  • Holy Cow- Hopkinton
  • The Inside Scoop- North Kingstown
  • The Ice Cream Machine Co- Cumberland
  • The Daily Scoop- Bristol
  • Ben & Jerry’s- Providence
  • And many more along the way!
Rhode Island Ice Cream
Rhode Island Ice Cream

There is no shortage of Rhode Island ice cream stops along the way!







Rhode Island Ice Cream…A Summer Must!

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