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Song Circus Debuts @ The Updike Room

A collective of local musicians will take the stage for the initial performance of Song Circus, a music series featuring diverse songs from the 60s to the present. Song Circus will feature a revolving cast of area musicians playing rock, alt-country, new wave, folk and more. The players will bring songs from their own backgrounds and blend with those of their Song Circus bandmates.

The series came about when Richard Ribb and Andy Stone, former bandmates in The Dick Clarks, were talking about ways to put on unique one-off shows.

“There are so many talented players around, but they’re often only seen in the context of their current group,” says Stone. “We thought it would be cool to bring them together and create something new for each series performance. Some of the musicians have never played together before, so it will be fun for us and the audience.”

Right now, the collective hopes to do several shows a year in what they call an “intermittent music series.” “Even though these are individual shows, they won’t be jam sessions. These sessions involve working out song arrangements while also giving the players the flexibility to bring their own unique styles to the songs. That should make it interesting and fun for performers and audiences alike.”

Song Circus debuts at the Updike Room at The Greenwich Hotel, in East Greenwich, on Saturday, April 20 at 9:00pm. The featured musicians for this show include Mark Cutler, Paul Sauvageau, and Paul Furtado.

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