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Staying Consistent in Unpredictable Times

As fall approaches, we always check in with our clients about upcoming changes in schedules and the importance of creating consistency for yourself.  This year, more than ever, creating that consistency is imperative.  The seasons are changing and along with comes plenty of unpredictable months ahead.  For this reason, we need to creat predictability and consistency for ourselves and our families. South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women is on your side through these changing times.  As we have the past year, we will always adapt to the changes to make sure that we remain a consistent source of support in your life.  Here are a few helpful tips to create consistency during these changing times.  

Plan Ahead: Planning ahead will leave you more prepared to deal with any unforeseen changes that may arise.  In the case of planning your workouts, be sure to map out your week or even month by deciding which days and times you will attend camp.  If you know you have a schedule conflict, make an alternate plan for that day instead of skipping.  Some ideas could be attend class virtually or access the database and complete your workout that way.  School starting and season changing can really put a wrench in your healthy eating plans.  Making a weekly meal plan and prepping as much as possible will keep you and your family on track.  It is also advisable to plan for any changes in school format such as virtual learning or quarantined classroom.  Even if you don’t want to think about it, it will alleviate anxiety for families if plans for the possibilities are made.  The more consistency we create for ourselves and those around us the more we set ourselves up for success.

Keep a Schedule:  Depending on your family size, your schedule keeping will vary.  However, it’s important to keep yourself on track whether you live alone or with others.  In the case of family, children naturally rely on parents to create and keep a consistent schedule.  This includes scheduling YOU time into your day.  You’d be amazed by how it is honored when it’s part of a consistent daily schedule.  Even though scheduled may change, having the week schedule set out provides stability and predictability.  Alleviating the stress of the unknowns allows us to better handle what comes our way.  There are many options for setting a schedule.  Families can even have digits schedules if all members have access to the technology.  Giving family members the opportunity to provide input to the schedule will also ensure its success.  A visual calendar is great for all household sizes! Here are a few links to different types of visual schedules (to be inserted)

Adapt:  At times, our best laid plans may fail.  But guess what? That’s okay! You can handle anything that is tossed your way.  Here is where MINDSET comes in.  It is pretty safe to say given the nature of things, there will be some curveballs thrown our way.  It’s hard to plan for what they may be but you can prep your mind and those around you to be able to handle anything.  Have conversations with yourself and those around you about MINDSET, and most importantly, model that positive mindset that’s ready for any challenge.  You’ll be amazed at how that will influence and help yourself and your family members.  There’s nothing you can’t handle!

As your coaches, we will be with throughout all of this.  You can count on us to keep you accountable and provide you with advice to stay positive and overcome any obstacles that come your way! Join us at www.scbootcamp.com

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