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Tavern on Main: A Delicious Addition to Wakefield

I love those late spring evenings that follow one of those unseasonably hot days in late May. It is like summer is sending us a “Save the Date” card; a little glimpse of what’s to come. It was on one of these perfect late spring evenings that we tried out Wakefield’s newest addition to the culinary scene – Tavern on Main.

Since it’s opening in mid – April, Tavern on Main has been receiving rave reviews. So we just had to see for ourselves! After a long day cooped up in the office as the sunshine and warm breeze teased us all day long, we opted to dine outside right on Main Street. The host, giving us a pleasant smile and a warm welcome, brought us outside and let us choose our seat. Sometimes people underestimate how important a host/hostess can be. It is the patron’s first impression of a restaurant, which will set the tone for the rest of their experience. Tavern on Main made a wise decision in their choice of host that evening.

We were greeted by two servers, David and (if memory serves me correctly) Kaylee. They welcomed us with a small dish of pickled vegetables in lieu of a bread basket, a smart and modern variation in this day of food allergies and dietary intolerances. Kaylee suggested we try one of the Tavern’s signature drinks, the Watermelon Mojito. We recommend that you try one too. So light and refreshing; it was the perfect compliment to the warm evening. We were also offered a choice of tap water, spring water, or sparkling water. This was a really nice touch! I opted for the bottle of sparkling water, which I later brought home and continued to enjoy the following day.

We decided to split a few different appetizers in order to get a variety of dishes. The menu had such a diverse and interesting selection that it was difficult to narrow it down to a three items. David was very patient with us and was happy to offer feedback. We finally decided on the Lobster Roll Lettuce Wraps, the Charcuterie Board with cheese, and a Caesar Salad.

The Lobster Roll Lettuce Wraps were instantly my favorite! A savory mix of avocado, roasted corn and lobster meat paired with a lemon basil aioli bedded nicely in individual Bibb lettuce cups. The House Made Charcuterie Board mixed spicy Andouille, savory Italian, and flavorful Bratwurst sausages with a variety of soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses. Complimenting these flavors were pickled vegetables, pickled onions, a sweet fig jam, whole grain mustard, toasted bread and flatbread crackers. We had a field day comparing and contrasting the variety of flavors and flavor combinations we could make. Even the Caesar Salad blew us away! While they would not divulge their recipe secrets for the dressing, David explained to us that it was red peppers that gave it a pinkish hue and a very subtle sweetness. What really sold it were the avocado croutons!


As we “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” over our meals, various members of the staff would stop over to check in with us. Everyone was very friendly and very professional without being overbearing. The grand finale of our evening was the Flourless Chocolate Cake served with a raspberry sauce and homemade vanilla ice cream. We enjoyed this with a couple of glasses of Moulinier Cotes du Rhone. Let me just put it this way – if I had the ability to purr, I would have.

As full-time bloggers, we make a point to always try a different and new restaurant as often as we can. Thankfully, we made an executive decision that Tavern on Main will have to become a regular place we will visit again and again.


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