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Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI
Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI

Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI

Now that the streets of Newport have calmed a little bit with school starting and with vacations coming to an end, it is the perfect time to plan that dinner date with the gals or with your significant other!

I am absolutely loving the trend happening right  now with “farm to plate” or “Field to fork” as Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI calls it!

That’s right folks …I am about to begin gushing about Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI. This little restaurant is an absolute gem.

Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI…menu peek

  • Simply Greens           8

shallot/chives/ radish

  • Haricot Verts                        9

feta/ peaches/ pistachio

  • Pickled and Cured        15

smoked mussels/ pigs head/ country pate

  • Pork Belly            10

spicy corn bread/ bbq beans/ fennel slaw

  • Heirloom Tomato                 11

zucchini/ charred onion vinaigrette/ fried green tomato

  • Beef Cheek               10

fettuccini/ onions/ pesto/ pine nuts

  • Whole King Fish               24

serrano ham/ garlic/ kale

  • Black Fish         26

arugula/ candied beets/ baby fennel

  • Sirloin Flap               27

scallions/ confit orange/ beef jus

  • Fried Chicken                    22

spaetzle/ swiss chard

  • Menu Subject To Change (this is a sample of a weekly menu)

It’s casual atmosphere paired with BYOB instantly made me feel at ease. The decor is very hip and current, on trend with mismatched tables and chaired that added to the casual “we are all just hanging” sort of vibe.

The meals are locally grown and sourced, and the chefs have done a stellar job with the pairings!
The staff ,which included the wives of the chefs, were amazing and attentive. I had the scallops and my date had the quail….both were soooo delicious! The veggies served with each were so fresh and flavorful, even the simple green salad was absolutely pallet pleasing. After dinner we had homemade donuts. Need I say more?

Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI
Hours are Tues through Sunday at 5:30

Thames Street Kitchen in Newport RI…from field to fork!

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