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The 5 W’s of Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center!

Theresa Amaral and Karen Smolan initially bonded when they became doubles partners in tennis. Their friendship quickly grew and was profoundly changed when they discovered their true path, Reiki. Now they are co-founders and co-owners of Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center.

Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center is the practice of these two Reiki Masters. Reiki, for those who are new to the idea, is a natural healing process achieved through relaxation techniques. Reiki has a wide variety of health benefits including improved sleep, aiding pain management, reducing anxiety, and heightening intuition. Reiki is a very individualized experience between a master and a client. Your experience will depend on your symptoms, your goals, and your personal energy. Journey Into the Soul also offers other healing and personal growth classes and practices, such as yoga classes, intuitive readings, and guided meditations.

Journey Into the Soul is located in Wakefield at the South Kingstown Office Park located at 24 Salt Pond Rd., in Suite B-1. This is centrally located right on the South Kingstown/Narragansett line and just minutes away from South County Hospital.

Reiki sessions are by appointment only during business hours, which are posted on the website. Journey Into the Soul offers 30 & 60 minute sessions, along with distant sessions as well. Pricing varies and they offer a variety of specials and package deals. This is true of the yoga classes as well, including a very attractive $60 unlimited month pass for new students! Class descriptions and schedules are posted on the website. Intuitive Readings with Kian are also done by appointment only and are offered as 45-minute or 90-minute sessions. Guided meditations with Julianna Ricci are offered monthly. To book any sessions at Journey Into the Soul, click here! You’ll be glad you did!

Reiki has significantly changed both these women’s lives in such positive ways that they were inspired to share this powerful tool with others. From raising families to tennis to discovering Reiki and becoming business owners, these two women were destined to join paths. Now, as their journeys continue, they share their experience and their true paths with their clients, as a way to give back some of the positive and powerful ways Reiki has enhanced their lives.

Great News!

Journey Into the Soul Wellness Center is excited to offer rental spaces in our serene space. We have a beautiful full-time office space available as well as tranquil treatment rooms. Are you looking for a place for your next workshop? Journey Into the Soul Wellness has a bright and spacious upstairs room ideal for workshops, seminars and the like. Inquire at journeyintothesoul24@gmail.com for more details.

Visit them on the web here!

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