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A Taste of Italy

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI
Venda Ravioli in Providence RI

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI…….it’s a market, it’s a tradition, it’s a taste of Italy in Rhode Island, and it’s been this way since 1972.  Located on Atwells Avenue, it is “the” premier place to go for gourmet pasta, sauce, cheese and other fine foods.  The mouth-watering creations are not only served next door in Costantino’s Venda Bar & Ristorante but in many restaurants throughout the state.  Venda’s operations have grown over the years but still combine Old World and New World traditions.

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI

In a first-floor kitchen of a house across the street from the store, layers of wet pasta can be found on metal ravioli molds waiting to be stuffed by hand with a delicious cheese and asparagus mixture and across the room, lobster ravioli is being made the same way. This process reminds the owner of the old days when he would help his grandfather make pasta at home, kneading the dough in the kitchen and laying it out to dry on a white sheet covering the bed in the bedroom!  But that was long ago.  At the same time pasta is being made in a kitchen, a factory in northern Providence has 40 employees operating equipment imported from Italy churning out thousands of pounds of pasta each day.  Whether old or new, Venda’s recipes have not changed over time and the company produces more than 150 kinds of fresh and frozen pasta, the old way or the new!  October is National Pasta Month, what better time is there to taste a bit of Italy right here at Venda Ravioli in Providence RI.

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI

265 Atwells Avenue
Providence RI 02903


Store Hours

Mon 9 AM to 6 PM, Tue – Sat, 8:30 AM to 6 PM, Sunday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM

Venda Ravioli in Providence RI…a local tradition

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