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Why is it Essential to Complete a Variety of Exercises When Working Out?

Whether you are just starting or a veteran boot camper, one thing remains the same; we all want to see progress. As fitness professionals, we know how to achieve this for every client. Varying your workout is an essential component to ensure you reach your goals. You may wonder why you must complete various exercises in your fitness routine. Here’s why:

” a phenomenon called adaptive resistance can stand in the way of improved performance. Adaptive resistance is when you have done an exercise over a long period, and your body no longer responds.
Worse, adaptive resistance can result in injury. This happens because if you do the same exercise for a prolonged period, you use the same muscles in the same pattern/angle, which causes more wear and tear on the same soft tissue structures.” -https://www.uhhospitals.org/

Research shows that including many exercises in your routine will lead to better performance, more significant results, and an overall fitter you.
South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women has consistently employed this practice. We are proud to say that we have never repeated a routine in all of our 11-plus years of business. We provide our clients with a new routine that includes strength, cardio, balance, flexibility, and endurance each day. Each day is a new adventure that will have you thinking outside the gym. All you need to do is show up with weights, water, a mat, and a positive attitude; the rest is up to us! Your coaches will guide you through the workout, providing modifications and challenges when needed. Have a look at this gallery to get an idea of the variety we provide. After all, variety is the spice of life and your workout! Join us at www.scbootcamp.com


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