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15+ Virtual Field Trips for Kids and Families!

Looking for a way to share the world with the kids while socially distancing yourselves?  These virtual field trips will keep everyone out of harm’s way and give you an out of the house experience.  Here is a list of virtual field trips for kids and families!


Louvre Museum, Paris

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Boston Children’s Museum

Zoos & Aquariums:

Cincinnati Zoo (they will be holding LIVE Facebook videos)

Georgia Aquarium

Houston Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Travel The World:

The Great Wall of China

The Grand Canyon

Mount Vernon

Ellis Island

Glacier National Park


To The Moon And Beyond:

The Moon

The Sun



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  1. Hey there RI,
    I was looking for a virtual field trip of RI for my daughter’s school report and being hopeful I click on your site and see many field trips everywhere except RI. Any suggestions?

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