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Pucker Up…Non-Toxic Lip Care

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm

Winter is here, the time for  cold weather and of course, chapped lips. We often find ourselves reaching for a remedy to make our lips at least tolerable in these frigid times. We apply this product as a preventative measure as well as treatment for symptoms, and sometimes just for a little shine on the precious pout.  What we need to ask ourselves this question… is it worth it/ Do we really need it? Humans are of course creatures of habit and many of us find the application of balm to our lips one habit. For whatever reason, you use it.  For this reason,  Ava Anderson non toxic lip balm is well worth taking the time to learn about!

ChapStick has been around for centuries, produced now by the Wyeth co. It started out as a natural product as all things did in the 1800’s, but it has become a man-made chemical based product since.

The list of ingredients in Chapstick is as follows:

  • arachidyl propionate,
  •  camphor,
  • carnauba wax,
  • cetyl alcohol,
  •  D&C red no. 6 barium lake, FD&C yellow no. 5 aluminum lake,
  •  fragrance,
  •  isopropyl lanolate,
  •  isopropyl myristate,
  •  lanolin,
  • light mineral oil,
  •  methylparaben,
  • octyldodecanol,
  •  oleyl alcohol,
  • paraffin,
  •  phenyl trimethicone,
  •  propylparaben,
  • titanium dioxide,
  •  white wax,
  • Propanol

Reading these ingredients, it may make sense of the feeling that you get when you put on Chapstick. It feels waxy, thick and downright un-natural.

There are many companies today that are providing healthy alternatives to the standard products we habitually use. One such company is RI based and growing fast, Ava Anderson Non Toxic. Many products are available, all of which are healthy and contain no harmful chemicals found in other products.  Ava Anderson non toxic lip balm will help keep your lips healthy during all seasons!


Ava Anderson non toxic lip balm
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm  ingredients are:

  • butyrosepermum parkii (organic shea butter),
  • cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil),
  •  organic beeswax,
  • helianthus annuuss (organic sunflower seed oil),
  •  prunus amygdalus dulcis (organic sweet almond oil),
  •  menthe viridis (oganic spearmint leaf oil).

When you read this list of ingredients you will feel better, much like how this lip balm feels on your lips… light, smooth, creamy, and natural.

Ava Anderson Non Toxic Lip Balm…click to order!

Ava Anderson non toxic lip balm is also a great stocking stuffer!



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  1. Ava lip balm is truly fabulous! I have never used anything more nourishing and gentle on my lips! I usually peel after using lip balm, but not this one!!! Great stuff indeed!

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