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The Beach Boys Rocked Bold Point Park!

East Providence enjoyed the luxury of the return of the legendary Beach Boys to Rhode Island. A long time ago in a land far far away (1977), the Beach Boys hosted the largest live act attendance in Rhode Island’s history.  As a result, they have been honored with “Beach Boys Way” in a section of Narragansett Park Way.

The show was great! Bouncing beach balls within an audience ranging from 8 to 80 was so refreshing to experience.   The stage was impressive, including a great back drop of nonstop images related to every Beach Boy’s tune including a segment when the band backed up the late Carl Wilson on screen.
Bold Point Park debut as a concert venue went above and beyond expectations. RI Blogger is a fan and invites you to check out their future events at www.riwaterfrontevents.com.


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