Bristol’s Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack is Deliciously Fun!

The quaint town of Bristol is plentiful with restaurants, from white table cloth to classic clam bars. Worthy of mention is “Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack”!  This is one funky little shack! It’s eclectic and creative menu combined with the obscure retro memorabilia that appears everywhere makes for a fun place to treat your appetite.
The menu features appetizers, salads, custom wraps and New York style pizza. Papa Joe’s wraps offer a variety of fresh ingredients and exotic combinations that has something for everyone.   Signature wraps include but not limited to the Bristolian (featuring fried calamari as the headlining ingredient), the Garden of Eden (a vegetarian delight) and the Fish & Chips wrap (complete with Papa Joe’s Chubby Fries). Family friendly, with a “Little Wrapper” menu that includes The Fluffinator, Mac & Cheese and Peanut Butter & Jelly wraps to name a few.
Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack’s pizza is a stand out. Served by the pie or slice (making for a great grab and go bite to eat). The pie has a nice thin crispy yet foldable crust with a delicious sweet and tangy sauce strategically swirled on the pie in a hypnotic pin wheel fashion. Pies are made to order with an array of toppings to choose from.  Signature specialty pizzas such as the Bristolian, Southern Gravity, Lasagna and Margarita can be found on the menu.
RI Blogger is a fan and encourages a visit to “Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack” at 567 Hope Street during your next visit to Bristol. To learn more visit Papa Joes on Facebook or


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