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Celestial Café in RI
Celestial Café in RI
Shartner Farms

Celestial Café in RI

Celestial Café in RI is a local favorite as well as a destination among travelers.  What is it that has people flocking to this restaurant?  It is a perfect blend of several things.  First and foremost, the food! Head Chef/Owner Brandon Reed is flawless in his execution of the perfect dish.  From preparation to presentation….your plate looks like a work of art.  As we all know, looks are not everything…what about the taste?  Each dish has a unique flavor that try as you may, you will never be able to recreate in your own kitchen.  From starters to entrees and salads to desserts, each dish at Celestial Café in RI is sure to please even the pickiest of taste buds.  However, it is not only the food that has people lining up to get inside…it is the dedication that Celestial Café in RI has for serving locally grown and raised food.  The menu is chock full of produce, meats, fish, cheeses, and more that are grown and raised, or perhaps caught right in Rhode Island.  A few more reasons to visit…

Celestial Café in RI offers

  • Incredible Atmosphere
  • Delicious Brunch
  • Luxurious Libations
  • Perfect Event Location
  • Accommodates Large Parties
  • Farm Dinners
  • And much more…

Celestial Café in RI is well known for their delicious farm dinners which feature local farms from all over the area.  The menu below is for the upcoming farm dinner starting on August 8th and ending on August 11th.  Reservations are recommended so call ahead.  If this menu has you salivating but you can not make this weekend…fear not, the regular menu is full of local flavor as well!

Celestial Café in RI
Celestial Café in RI

Celestial Café in RI…upcoming farm dinner

August 8th-11th

SOUP SERVED Bay Harbor Chowder S&P Gardiner vegetables and corn in a housemade vegetable broth with Rhody Fresh cream, Mitzpah Farm herbs and served with optional grilled Narragansett Bay Littlenecks.

SALAD SERVED Theai’s Salad DuTemple Brook Farm greens tossed in a dressing made from dill & Rhody Fresh cream then topped with with bread & butter pickled Wojnar Farm cucumbers, sliced Schartner’s Farm carrots and croutons made with hot Schartner’s Farm pepper infused Narragansett Bay Co. olive oil.

APPETIZER SERVED Fried Green Caprese S&P Gardiner Farm green tomatoes and Narragansett Creamery mozzarella fried and served with roasted tomato & basil puree.

ENTRÉE SERVED Chef Jeff’s Faux Rhody Taco Corn & flour taco shells made fresh and filled with hand cut pico de gallo made with Wojnar Farm tomatoes, S&P Gardiner sweet peppers & cilantro then served with your choice of:

**Chipotle bbq & cumin pulled Pat’s Pastured pork & pork belly**

**Cumin & cilantro roasted Brown Family Seafood catch of the day**

**Cumin & chipotle roasted vegetables**


DESSERT SERVED Loyal Blueberry Brule Crème brulee made with Loyal 9 vanilla vodka, Pat’s Pastured egg yolks and Rhody Fresh cream bruleed and served with Schartner’s Farm blueberries in a saucy compote.


Celestial Café in RI…hours and contact

Monday – Thursday -11:45am-9pm
Friday – Saturday -11:45am-10pm
Sunday Breakfast/Brunch-9am – 3pm

567 South County Trail  (Rt 2)
Exeter, RI 02822

Reservations Are Recommended (401) 295-5559

Celestial Café in RI…your source for great local cuisine!


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