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Farmers Markets


Farmers Markets
Farmers Markets


Farmers Markets

Locally grown food is the best choice for several reasons.  Rhode Island has many different farmers markets that offer these locally grown goods.  On most days you can find a farmers market within the state.  The purpose of  farmers markets are to have food come from the local producer, to the market, and directly to the eater.  Knowing where and how your food has been grown allows you to choose local and organic options.  Vegetables found in supermarkets may look beautiful but they are genetically modified and stripped of most of their natural nutrients.  Just as we might have a bump or a bruise, so might your local organic produce.  This is a sign that you are eating fresh locally grown food.  You will also experience an amazing difference in flavor.  These locally grown goods maintain the fresh delicious flavor that has been stripped from those modified replacements found in supermarkets.  Not only do these farmer’s markets offer produce, but you can find many other locally made goods.

Farmers Markets Offer:

For example:

  • Soap
  • Honey
  • Eggs
  • Meats
  • Fish
  • Plants

If you are looking to learn more or perhaps find a farmer’s market to attend, this farmers markets directory can provide you with the knowledge you need to buy local.

Visit farmfresh.org and support your local community!

About Farm Fresh RI  (From farmfresh.org)


Farm Fresh Rhode Island is growing a local food system that values the environment, health and quality of life of RI farmers and eaters.

Farmers Market
Farmers Market

Part incubator, part activator, our programs grow the local food system by building capacity in three areas:


A New England abundant with diverse family farms and fertile soils, with locally and honestly produced foods and flavors at the heart of every dinner table.


  • Preserve Rhode Island farmland and our agricultural and culinary knowledge
  • Build healthier communities
  • Increase access to fresher, tastier food
  • Improve impact of food production and distribution on our environment
  • Strengthen community-based businesses

Make is your goal to visit the farmers markets of Rhode Island!

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