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Minecraft Book
Minecraft Book
Quest for Justice
Sean Fay Wolfe

Minecraft Book Quest for Justice

A new Minecraft book is populating the shelves as well as the virtual book stores.  Quest For Justice, A Minecraft Novel, is quickly gaining popularity among a variety of audiences.  Even more staggering is the age of the author!  Local Rhode Islander, Sean Fay Wolfe, has published his first novel…and we can look forward to more.  This book is told from the perspective of someone playing the wildly popular Minecraft game.  However, you need no knowledge of this game to get lost in the depths of this fascinating story.

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The novel is set in a place called Minecraft and is the first book of a trilogy.  Believe me, when you finish…you will be glad there are more books in the works.  Sean is more than a published novelist, he also possesses a community based spirit.  The popularity of this novel has allowed him to make donations to local organizations that are working fearlessly to make our local community a better place.  When your novel is compared to the likes of Harry Potter and Hunger Games, you know you have written a masterpiece.  This Minecraft book is perfect for ages 9 and up.  You will gain an appreciation for Minecraft while also experiencing incredible literature.

Minecraft Book Quest for Justice…learn more about Sean here!

The book is available at local stores such as Wakefield Books.  It can also be purchased through the links provided below:

Get lost in this truly riveting Minecraft Book…Quest for Justice by: Sean Fay Wolfe

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