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No Gym, No Problem!

These are challenging times in a multitude of ways. Our “normal” way of living has shifted dramatically. This time is also a time for growth and opportunity. It asks us to find new ways to accomplish what is important to us. Now more than ever, your health is on the top of that list. However, motivating yourself to do a kick-butt at-home workout is hard! That is where South County Adventure Boot Camp comes in. And, any woman, anywhere, can join now! Boot camps have gone virtual and interactive by way of the popular platform Zoom! In short, it is like having a personal trainer in your house with you in a socially distanced and safe way. Here is what you can expect with our virtual/interactive boot camps:

Interactive: This is the critical component of your success. Our boot camp is by no means an “at-home workout.” Boot camps are interactive and challenging workouts that you do in the safety of your home. Zoom allows your trainer to be right there with you. We will help you with form, motivation, and any modification you may require.

     What’s more, you will be with a group of like-minded women with the same goals. All of these women create added motivation and support to help you meet your goals. This hour is also a dose of daily social interaction that we all need during these isolating times.



Challenging: Each camp is one hour long and includes a warmup, challenging workout, and a stretch. Do not let the word “challenge” scare you off. We work with women of all ages and all fitness levels. The challenge will always meet your fitness level. Additionally, modifications will be provided if you have any present or past injury. Women of all fitness levels are welcome! The good news is that you can join from anywhere! We will be there for you 125% of the way.  

Support: We need more than fitness during these trying times. We need support, motivation, tips, and socialization at a safe distance. South County (and beyond) Adventure Boot Camp provides all of this. Beyond your 60 minute workouts, we have been hosting “adult night in” each week. Each “adult night in” features a fun theme, and the chance to socialize with a fantastic group of women and their families. You can expect exciting new healthy recipes, motivational tips, and added challenges. This past month we hosted a “wall sit” challenge to encourage campers to reach for their goals! We are passionate about your health and wellness. We understand that it is more than your workout, and we will provide you with added motivation each day.

     We look forward to being a part of your wellness journey during these challenging times. You can learn all about our camps at www.scbootcamp.com. Each camp is 3-5 times per week at the time slot that suits your schedule. Time slots are 5:30 am, 6:30 am, 7:30 am, 8:30 am, and 9:30 am. We will work with you to accommodate your time needs, and if these slots do not work for some reason, we always provide a recorded version of the workout so you will not miss that day! 

“Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

Evangeline Love

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