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Please Share This!! Rhana’s Journey

Rhana's Journey
Rhana’s Journey

I was asked by a person who I have a deep respect for to write a blog for a fundraiser. When she asked, I knew I should investigate as to what the fundraiser was about.  And as you might guess, this fundraiser is for the beautiful girl with the incredible smile in the above photo.  I began reading her story and within moments was not only spilling out tears but also completely and utterly inspired by her strength and ability to stay positive.  While we consider children the population that needs to be taught, this amazing girl is clearly teaching us.  Being a mom, I can only imagine how her own mother and father cope on a daily basis.  The strength of this entire family is truly something worth the admiration of all. I feel compelled to share some of the Rhana-isms I found on her site.  I hope they inspire you as they did me.

On day 7 she was quiet and when she came out of her reverie:

“life changes so fast, huh, mom? Isn’t it crazy?”

“One minute you’re laughing and running and the next you’re paralyzed and unable to breathe.”

-“She didn’t say this with sadness or remorse mind you, but rather a quiet awe.”

On the morning of her tracheotomy surgery we were talking about what we’d do with this experience, how could we turn it into something good:

“I want to write a book so one day I can help some other little boy or girl going through this. You tell me ‘I know’ to soothe me, mom but you don’t know. Nobody knows. I want to help someone going through this because I do know.”

After the trache she asked the Doctor how her “Tube necklace looked?”

*We can’t wait to read you book Rhana!  Your positive thinking can help us all.

It is heartbreaking to think that this girl had to learn this lesson through such an experience.  I hope that her story will remind us all that life can change in literally moments.  This story should remind us all to be present in the moment and be thankful for what we have.  Below is the information about the fundraiser.  I know it is only tomorrow but please share this so we can get her the support she so clearly deserves.  And heartfelt thoughts to her family for being the amazing and supportive parents that they clearly are.  As a community…let’s pull together and help Rhana!  Below is the information about the fundraiser as well as the links to her site.  Reading her site is simply amazing.  I can not say enough how inspirational Rhana is.


Van tastic fundraiser for Rhana Fleming

9/28/13 6pm Richmond C. Club

hors d’oeuvres, dancing, live auction, music by Boatcake

For tickets call Cheryl L. 742-1942 , or email Eric @ dauphinais.eric@gmail.com


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