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RI’s Own Andy Stone Releases New CD

Rhode Island native Andy Stone has been on the creative move all his professional life — television, novel writing and of course creating and performing original music.

Andy’s recent full-length CD, entitled “Every Single Day” was released in June 2020 and confirms original music from the Providence scene is alive and beyond well. The style (if I dare) is a mixed bag of Beatles, Kinks, XTC, Knack, REM, Costello with a double dose of pure pop-rock delivered uniquely from the voice of Andy Stone.

The eleven-track album is power-packed with catchy original tunes from start to finish. These are the traits of a gifted writer. Andy’s vocal delivery and guitar playing coupled with his support musicians make for the perfect storm. “Every Single Day” is as good as it gets: catchy well-produced tunes that will have you hooked by the first chorus. Stone’s lyrics are a bonus, deep, whimsical & fun, with a story to be interpreted within each track.

There are presently three videos in support of “Every Single Day”: Take A Step, Happy Ever After & You Are a Problem. Check them out on Youtube and such. You will find them quite well-produced especially considering the Covid-19 restrictions put in place during production time. So basically, they are very well-done home movies. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Simply put if you like pop/rock done right you will love this album. For me, it is on my regular playlist. To purchase the CD and to follow all things Andy Stone visit https://www.facebook.com/andykstone


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