RI’s Own Pete Silva Releases CD and Book of Poetry!

Pete Silva has been a staple of the Rhode Island music scene for longer than most of us can remember. A disc jockey on WHJY for a quarter of a century, Pete has spun records that have rocked our world on so many Saturday afternoons.  When not delivering cool music to the airwaves Pete was busy making waves, Pete Silva is an artist, a recording artist, a poet, and an author. All of this can be found in his recent delivery of a book and CD released in tandem.

I have been following this guy’s career for a while and I can say he is one of the sweetest and most humble artists I have ever covered. Every song is a walk down memory lane, every paragraph within his book takes you to a place that hits home on many fronts, the book is a combination of poetry and lyrics from the songs within the CD. ………. Some dark, some bright, but always a reminder of this author’s reality and his love to shine on.

Check out the new CD from Pete Silva, Simple Love, Simple Life, and his book of amazing reflections, November Walk. The book is available on Amazon https://tinyurl.com/3cb7edfc . and the album at  https://tinyurl.com/3usmfpr9.  For a personal autograph on select copies you can purchase the book / CD directly by visiting www.petesilvamusic.com


Stay tuned for promotional events and shows @ www.petesilvamusic.com


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