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Share Your Benny’s Memories!

As many of you already know, Benny’s is planning to close all 31 locations this year.  If you have lived in Rhode Islander, you know Benny’s and most likely have fond memories of the store.  We are hoping that you will share your memories with us in the comments below.  For me, it is the smell of a new bike as you enter the store.  As a child, it was our go-to place for many things…but most importantly, it was where I fell in love with bikes.  I also must add that my office is even furnished with a Benny’s rug, there was always a reason to go to Benny’s!  It is sad news, Benny’s was a true example of “all things uniquely Rhode Island.”  Let’s keep the legacy alive by sharing  your memories of Benny’s!  What did you go to Benny’s for?  What made Benny’s “your favorite store”?

Here is a recent post from Benny’s Facebook page:

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