The Rathskeller in Charlestown RI

The Rathskeller in Charlestown RI

The Rathskeller in a Charlestown RI opened its doors in last year in 2013 and has not looked back since.  This restaurant  was established in 1933 and was a staple for good food and drinks

The Rathskeller in Charlestown, RI
The Rathskeller in Charlestown, RI

for many  years. The doors were closed for more than ten years and the new owners have worked for three years to renovate and recreate its old world charm and character.

The Rathskeller in Charlestown RI…

The new restaurant continues many old traditions as the history and legends of such a historic eatery are important pieces to the new business. This establishment was considered a speak easy in the days of prohibition and beyond. This theme and flavor will only add to the new menu and renovated building. The character of this local restaurant is embedded in its walls and the old murals that enhanced the dining room and bar have been restored and more have been added in the same art nouveau style.

The Rathskeller Tavern Menu
The Rathskeller Tavern Menu

Many locals have fond memories of eating at the Rathskeller in Charlestown, RI…it was a small and rather dark building that had withstood over 60 years and millions of happy customers. The new atmosphere is light and comfortable while the bar and dining room are spacious.  However, it has kept the same old charm and popular features. The Rathskeller is sure to please everyone who has been there before as well as impress a new comer.


The Rathskeller in Charlestown RI features:

  • home made french fries back by popular demand
  • seafood and steak
  • live entertainment
  • outdoor bands
  • outdoor cornhole tournaments
  • open 7 days
  • 3 horseshoe pits
  • outside patio and bar
  • catered events
  • take out
  • super cold draft beer

The Rathskeller in Charlestown RI is located on Old Coach Road right off route 1 and tucked back in the woods.  Click here to visit their site!  No matter the season, The Charlestown Rathskeller promises to leave you satisfied!


489A Old Coach Road
Charlestown, RI 02813

The Rathskeller Tavern, RI

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  1. Can not wait. For this traditional Charlestown place to be open wishing you lots of luck, I know all your hard work wool pay off.. people in this town would be very supportive of this local business!!!

  2. Spent many an hour there, I remember when there was a steam room out back . To me they had the Best fries and another big fav. of mine was the Oyster Chowda. Can’t wait !! All the best

    • Bill, the fries will be waiting for you! We are interested in any stories or pictures you may have of the “rat”. Please send any and all things you would like to share! We will make sure you have oyster chowdah again soon!

  3. Many good times at the rathskeller”

    I remember 25 years ago
    I did some body work on ray’s
    Truck / he asked how much ?

    I said how bout 8 prime rib dinners ”

    I brought my entire shop
    There to eat /

    Glad to see its back in action
    It is a ” destination ”
    A way of life 🙂

  4. I hope the same drawings are on the walls. I remember seeing Mitch Miller and Leslie Uggams there. Anybody remember them???? We would sit down and order french fries immediately!!! Can’t wait for it to open……

  5. Please keep me posted on the opening date. I have had some fond memories at the Rat. Check w/ a waitress at the Cove in Charlestown for history . She was there for many years.


  6. I was just in RI for two weeks and was disappointed that you weren’t up and running yet 🙁 Don’t know when I will be back up but for sure the Rat is on my list of places to go!

  7. My wife and I had just started dating when the Rathskeller closed. It was on my list of places to take her. Now we get to come but now we can bring our 3 kids too ! Growing up in Charlestown meant fish and chips at the Rathskeller… can’t wait !!!

  8. I am so looking forward to my next trip home and going here. So many fond memories of this place. From stopping in to grab a cold soda while out riding bikes to sitting on the stoop, out of the rain or snow, waiting for the school bus. And of course the mound of french fries.

  9. I come from a very large Irish family ….who enjoy their cocktails. THE RAT…was Always a big part of our summer..through many decades! The guys in the family always ended their summer Golf Tournaments there for steaks and fries..and lots of beer!! The fries were the best in all the land…we always had a large platter with a mountain of homemade fries in the middle of our table!! So psyched you brought it back…and thrilled you could restore those classic murals!! The Rat…always had such character!! Thank you thank you…and we wish you much success!!

  10. I worked at the Rat for 20 yrs.{bartender} cant wait for it to open, Lot of great memories there, Bring on the fries!!!

  11. The roast “beast” sandwiches were always delish. And the ice cold draft beer in the mugs! Let’s not forget the Moscow Mules!

  12. Was there first in 1978 as a freshman @ URI and kept on coming to its closing…fish n chips; steak with garlic butter; saugy’s and beans, the french fries and if I remember right, the St Pauli dark draft beer…

  13. I would love to have you Advertise in South County Life Magazine, on the Charlestown Page, in our August 1st issue! Please contact me ASAP — we’re putting the August issue together Now!! You can reach me directly: 860-514-6252. Thank you so much! Barbara

  14. My grandmother, Hulda Mary Shuster, came from germany, at age 18, with her parents and lived on the farm there on the property , until she married my grandfather, Levi Fernando Gadrow in 1894. Her parents and aunt and uncle ran the rathskiller and there was a sauna there…….. i remember visiting there as a youngster, and later on, my husband and i went there for fish and chips on friday nights during the years we lived in Peace Dale. So happy to hear that it is re opening….Good Luck with your new venture!!!

  15. I’ve been coming for over 40 yrs. Always loved the FF in the greasy bag and burgers. As I got older the cold Moscow mules in the cold copper mugs. Bring me back, I grew up with this place. When I was pregnant with my son they closed 11 yrs ago now. What a buz kill for the cravings and no Rat to go to. Can’t wait to make new memories with my child at the Rat. Hurry can’t open fast enough

  16. My husband I would eat there almost every Friday night, a couple Becks dark on tap and fish n’ chips.can’t wait to go this Friday!

  17. Is the live music by Beau Geste ? (If they are even together any longer) Tom and his band played my wedding many years ago !

  18. Looking forward to revisiting the Rat after a long wait. One of most favorite of restaurants in the 80’s as a RISD student, it was a perfect blend of history, great affordable food and off the beaten path. A few years ago I took photos of the abandoned place with a friend who lives nearby and moved here after they closed down. I made a little wish for the place to come back, and my wish came true! It makes me so happy to hear it’s back in business, and the murals have been restored! I am hoping that the incredible milk oyster chowder is back on the menu, along with some fine dark beer choices,…It will make my bliss complete!

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