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The Rhode Island Brew Bus, BEEReakfast of Champions

The Rhode Island Brew Bus
The Rhode Island Brew Bus

The Rhode Island Brew Bus

Rhode Island is known for many tasty things, clam-cakes, Del’s, coffee milk and a host of other iconic treats.  However, you may not know that Rhode Island is also home to some of the most passionate and talented brewers on the east coast.  This lack of awareness is due in large part to location and accessibility.  Enter The Rhode Island Brew Bus and these two obstacles are no longer hurdles.  Owner and visionary behind the Brew Bus, Billy Nangle, is bringing visibility to these incredible breweries by giving people tours on his vibrantly colored brew bus.  This is more comprehensive than your typical show-up, try a few beers, listen to some beer jargon and then leave type of tour.  You will board the bus and start learning about the lovely malted beverage before you even enter your first brewery.  Your tour guide, Jon, brings enthusiasm and beer trivia to commence the tour.  And fear not, if you are not a beer connoisseur…you will be when you leave.  The tour has one requirement (above and beyond the obvious legal drinking age) you must love beer…more specifically good beer!  If you meet that qualification (and are over 21) then read on to learn a bit about the Beereakfast of Champions Tour.

This tour begins at 10:30 am which is why it is quite aptly named the Beereakfast of Champions.  You will be picked up at Trinity Brew House and start your journey towards Bucket Brewery.  Here you will be introduced to their new and larger location, but more importantly, their beer. Cozy up to a table and prepare your palettes for malted memories.   The Bucket Brewery team is creative, passionate, and impeccably skilled…all of these qualities are evident in the caliber of beer they will serve you.  To learn more about Bucket Brewery…click here.

Next, you will hop back on The Rhode Island Brew bus and make you way towards Foolproof Brewing Company.  You will be greeted with a delicious sample as you learn the ins and outs and a bit of history regarding brewing beer.  This is quite an operation and it is no wonder it has spread its wings and ventured into other states.  The beer will speak for itself, there is a flavor to suit all tastes.  To learn more about Foolproof Brewing Company…click here. 

Once back on the bus, you will be treated to a cupcake from Bad Kat Kupkakes.  These are by far some of the most delectable locally made treats I have sampled.  The cupcake of the day was made with a stout beer…dark, dangerous and so very delicious.  Check out Bad Kat Kupkakes and try for yourself!  I must also note that in between stops, both Billy and Jon provided us with either great conversation or beer trivia!  There was never a dull moment, or even awkward silence…this is due in part to their quick wit and the samples of beer.

Last, and certainly not least, you will head over to Ravenous Brewing Company.  This is a smaller scale brewery in size, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in flavor.  They equal the other breweries in passion, talent and taste.  They are well known for their Coffee Milk Stout.  The Coffee Milk Stout is brewed with local coffee and creates a rich and creamy beer experience.  You can find Ravenous on tap at certain restaurants or you can stop in and visit, you will be amazed at what goes into the creation of this beer.  This is clearly a labor of love, and we get to sample the fruits.  Click here to learn more about Ravenous Brewing Company.

When you hop on the bus for the last time, you may feel a bit downhearted.  Your tour is coming to an end and you have quickly made friends with those around you.  But wait, it is not over!  Once you are dropped off at Trinity Brew House, you and your comrades may dine there any enjoy 20% off your check.  Talk about a happy ending.

The Rhode Island Brew Bus is quickly gaining popularity and offers other tours around the state, make your reservation today!

The Rhode Island Brew Bus Tours (complete Details Here):

The Border Jumper (Fridays 4:15pm-8:30ish)


Pick Up Location- Grey Sail Brewing Of Rhode Island

-63 Canal Street Westerly, RI 02891-

BEEReakfast of Champions (Saturdays 10:30am-2:30pm)


Pick Up location- Trinity Brew House

186 Fountain Street Providence, RI 02903

Afternoon Delight (Saturdays 3:30pm-7:00pm)


Pick Up Location- Sons Of Liberty Spirits

1425 Kingstown Rd, South Kingstown, RI 02879

Get The Pell Over Here! (Sundays 11:45am-3:30pm)


Pick Up Location- Pour Judgment Bar and Grill

32 Broadway Newport, RI 02840


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  1. Thanks for joining us on this tour Jen!!! Had a great time!!!

  2. The Brew Bus came to Norey’s Bar & Grille last week as part of their holiday party and were totally great.

    Any chance you would be interested in doing profiles/reviews or just coming by Norey’s to drink some holiday beer?

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