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4 Thoughts Patriots Fans are Having…

Go Patriots!

Whether you eat, sleep and dream football or  just pony up to drink beer and enjoy the excitement of a big game, there is no denying that last night’s Super Bowl 49 had even the most dedicated wall flowers blooming with excitement.  The New England Patriots have a fiercely dedicated fan squad and have no doubt left these patriotic followers in a state of bliss.  Coming out victorious and proving themselves after such a mad fuss about balls. If you watched the game and follow the beloved Patriots you might be thinking some of these thoughts today:

1.  #Deflate This:  Even Donny Wahlberg showed up to this Twitter trend stating:

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“The best team won! The best coach won! The best QB won!

But there is just something about the term “deflate this” that seems like the perfect comeback after all the hullabaloo surrounding the air pressure in the footballs from the previous game.  As Donny said, the best team won along with the best coach and the best QB.  If someone crosses your path and questions the victorious Patriots, just turn and pointedly respond…”deflate this!”  (insert hand gestures as needed)

2.  The Butler Did It:  Yes, the game was down to the wire and suddenly the rookie Butler did it, but not in the library with a candle shermanstick.  He did it at the 1 yard line with the perfectly inflated football.  Butler had the most important play of the season…literally a game changer!  He methodically intercepts the ball at the 1 yard line, sealing the deal for the Pats.  So yes…this time the Butler did indeed do it. He committed a perfect play executed at the most needed time. And of course, Butler’s stupendous play has its own hash tag too.  #ButlerInterception!

3.  24…2 Bad!  That moment when Sherman is holding up two fingers followed by four fingers, making the salient point in a very arrogant manner that the Sea Hawks in fact have 24 points and are in the lead.  At this moment you can’t help but feel infuriated as though he is rubbing salt directly into the wounds.  However, there are no wounds to be salted for the Pats.  So sorry Sherman that you so boldly assumed your victory and we all know what happens when we assume!

4.   “Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.  Louder, louder than a lion”:   The Super Bowl isn’t all about the game.  It is about the performances, the commercials, the cheerleaders, the elite spectators and the anticipation.  Katy Perry certainly brought her A game and left the crowd mesmerized.  That moment when Missy Elliot enters the stage and owns it, totally unforgettable.  As Katy Perry so eloquently put the idea of championship in a song, the Patriots certainly did so in the game.  And yes, Patriots and Patriot Fans…you are the champions and I am sure the Seahawks can hear you “roar.  Louder, louder than a lion!”

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