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5 Benefits of Outdoor Exercise…

There is no denying that this winter has certainly kept us hibernating more than usual.  This winter was one of the harshest and coldest and, for good reason it put a damper on daily routines and plans.  The good news?  It is over!  And spring has officially sprung.  If you found that your exercise routine suffered this year, there is still hope.  South County Adventure Boot Camp starts its outdoor camps.  This is the only program in the state where you can do your workout outdoors!  Why do they choose to be outdoors when the weather is right?  Because the benefits of outdoor exercise are incredible.  Here are 5 significant benefits of outdoor exercise:

1.boot 4 The Happy Factor:  Yes, happiness is instrumental to success in all areas, including your workout regimen.  Recent research shows that the outdoors can make you feel happier and less stressed.  This is due in part to the boost in oxygen which will increase your production of serotonin.  Exercise will also increase your production of serotonin, making your workout and the outdoors a dynamic duo.



2. boot 3 The Caloric Burn:  The natural elements of the outdoors can not be achieved in a gym. You can put the treadmill on incline or increase the tension on that bike, but there is no replacing the natural terrain of the outdoors.  An outdoor workout such as boot camp will have you running up and down hills while using your environment to create an effective workout. Additionally, when you take your workout outdoors you give yourself the opportunity to be present.  The gym provides distractions such as televisions and magazines…all which can pull your attention away from your workout.  Maximum results requires maximum attention, this can be easily achieved in an outdoor setting.  Working harder coupled with the natural terrain leads to an increase in the amount of calories you burn.  In fact, those who exercise outside tend to do so for a longer time and with more intense effort.

3. sun Daily Dosage:  Many of us go from our houses to work and then back to the homestead.  A busy life leaves little time to think about the importance of your daily dose of Vitamin D and your daily dose of time for yourself.  An outdoor exercise routine guarantees that you will get your needed dose of Vitamin D and in doing so, you will afford yourself the much needed “you” time.  When you join South County Adventure Boot Camp, you will allow yourself a full hour of time for you and the sun!  Nature is said to relieve stress, increase happiness and provide an overall feeling of mental clarity.  Therefore, taking your workout to the great outdoors means taking your well being to the next level.

4. freedom Freedom:  Once you get into an outdoor routine, you will realize that you are now freed from the constraints of the gym.  You need not wait in a long line for a machine or worry about when they open and close.  The outdoors is right at your fingertips at all times.  South County Adventure Boot Camp will teach you exercises and routines that use the natural elements to create an effective workout.  These skills can be taken everywhere you go and can be used whenever you choose.  Get outside and experience the freedom of working out wherever and whenever!



5.  5 Reasons to Exercise OutsideResults:  Let’s face it, we work out to see a change in our body, mind and spirit.  All of these aforementioned factors lead to a more effective workout that produces faster results.  All you need to do is to give yourself an hour of each day 3-5 times a week.  You will lose inches, increase your confidence, gain mental clarity and gain the knowledge to take your workout anywhere you go.  Warmer weather is officially upon us and you can expect to be outdoors with South County Adventure Boot Camp until the snow flies, which is a long ways away!

Camps start as early as 5:30 and as late as 9:30, so you can find a time that works for you!  Click here to start your outdoor fitness journey with South County Adventure Boot Camp!




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