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5 Reasons to Join Buddy Boot Camp!

If you have not heard yet, a new fitness routine is bringing Rhode Island families closer! It is South County Adventure Boot Camp’s newest program, Buddy Boot Camp! As the name suggests, you and your little buddy can work out together. Each team is comprised of a grown up and little buddy ages 3-10. If you are looking for a whole new way to interact with the kid in our life, then look no more. Here are five solid reasons to join the adventure at Buddy Boot Camp!

1. Quality Time: Finding time to spend with your child is a must. However, making that time distraction free is a huge challenge. Life is busy, and it is easy to let quality time slip by. Buddy Boot Camp offers you and your little one set time to be together working as a team. No phones, no chores, no distractions….100% QT, which is so needed these days. Also, you will be working as a team to complete challenges that will enhance your communication skills and your relationship.

2. Inspirational: Try as we may, setting a healthy example may not always happen. If you are struggling with finding time to work out or eat healthy…we understand. We are here to inspire you and your family to make changes that are doable and will pave the way for an overall healthier lifestyle. We will provide you with tips and tricks to include all members of the family. You will also learn techniques to workout with your little buddies on your own. What you learn in Buddy Boot Camp will transfer to your everyday life, making each day a healthier one.

3. The Workout: Each week will present a brand new challenging workout. Each session is geared to meet the needs of each age group and any specific modifications after that. We will work with you and your buddy to give you the best results possible while meeting any needs you may have. Each session will ask you and your buddy to work hard and to work together, fostering communication and strength. We ask that families of all levels join in on this camp. Our goal is to bring you and your buddy to the next level, no matter where you are now. All fitness levels are welcomed!

4. The Community: Buddy Boot Camp encourages participants to interact with all members of camp. This gives both you and your buddy the opportunity to meet new like-minded friends. If you have a goal in mind, it is essential to surround yourself with those who believe in your goals. Where better of a place to find others on the same fitness journey than Buddy Boot Camp. We create a safe and comfortable environment for kids and parents to interact and to encourage each other.

5. The Results: Buddy Boot Camp will give you excellent results! Not only will you lose weight, become stronger and increase your endurance. You will also show your family how to put your health first. Leading by example is the most powerful way to influence those around you. Come and put your family on the track towards their healthiest version! Our team is waiting to meet you and your buddy!



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