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The Power Of 7 Ways to Live Life with Intention

Intention is defined as “a thing intended; an aim or plan.”  Living with intention means that you are living on a daily basis with an aim, a plan, a purpose.  Let’s dive in a little deeper and think about what that really means.  The first thing to know is that living with intention is so powerful, it will literally change your life.  So, make this process thoughtful and purposeful…as you will from this point forward.  To begin, think about your hopes and dreams.  What is the life that you desire, where are you, who are you with, what are you doing?  Do not think about how you are getting there, just already be there in your mind.  This is a challenge, you need to really look deep and think about where you are going to be.  Most likely, you are going to realize that change is coming and it is necessary.  You may realize that you have a life that is not crafted solely by you.  Outside circumstances have a huge impact on they way you live your life, learning to isolate and define these will help you to live with intention and create the life you used to dream about.  The exciting thing about making the choice to live with intention is that you are actually choosing to change your life.  You will be designing your dream life….get excited!

Here are some things to help you on your journey:

  1.  What is success and what does that look like for you?  Ignore what others have told you about success.  Being successful should be defined by what is important to you, by your value system.  Is your success in a high rise apartment as a CEO or are you traveling the world?  Do you own a business?  Do you have ample time for your family?  Are you an expert in your field?  To each his own is the theme here.  Become very clear on how YOU define success.
  2. Check your fears at the door.  They are nothing more than that, fears…leave them behind.  If you constantly doubt yourself and your ability to achieve your version of success, you are blocking your own path to the life you desire.  Clear that path, acknowledge your fears and move beyond them.  
  3. Align with your values.  Is the life you are leading aligned with your core values?  If not, make it your intention to live a life that is in congruence with your beliefs.  Your values are the root of who you are and what you will become.  Become clear on what you value and set out for a life that is based on your belief structure. 
  4. Stop playing the comparison game.  As Theodore Roosevelt said, “comparison is the thief of joy.”  Do you ever find yourself looking at what others have, what they look like, where they live, how much money they have, suddenly you feel inadequate…like you do not measure up.  Your joy is stolen..comparison is quite clearly the thief.  This is your ideal life, who you want to be, where you want to be.  Perhaps one of the most powerful decisions you can make is to STOP comparing yourself to others.  Be your best, stop worrying about others and start living YOUR life.
  5. Wake up and Live.  Actually, plan at least 10 minutes before your start your day to think about that lies ahead, wake up early if you must.  Create your day in your mind.  What will you achieve?  How will you feel? What do you need to accomplish?   This will set your day up for success, knowing that you have a purpose.  Listen to yourself and allow your inner voice to guide you through your day. 
  6. Guard your energy.  You have surely noticed that your feelings and energy changes in the presence of certain people.  Remember you have the power to choose who you surround yourself with.  Those who are not feeding your soul and uplifting you should be eliminated from your life.  If this is not possible, you need to guard your energy when you are in the presence of these particular people.  Protect yourself and make a plan to safeguard your well-being.  You may want to choose self talk, remind yourself that you will not allow their negativity impact you.
  7. Embrace the power you are given.  Wake each morning knowing you have been gifted another day and that you will live this day with intention.  Well though out action will be how you function from this point forward.  The changes that come will be dramatic and amazing so be prepared to embrace the life you have always wanted.  

Ryan Bate, owner of South County Adventure Boot Camp, is our local health and wellness contributor.  To learn more about Ryan and about South County Adventure Boot Camp, click here.

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