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All Aboard: Book a Fishing Charter Adventure in Rhode Island!

For generations, sea fishing has been known as an adventurous activity that bonds friends and family members alike. On the flip side (pun intended), it’s also a serene way to enjoy the ocean in a charter boat with an expert captain. Either way, when the weather is right, fishing is an exciting experience for all participants. Rhode Island offers countless charters and tours across the state, providing fisherman the chance to reel in a diverse net of catch and a unique opportunity to view the New England waters. Regardless of what your needs are, a fun day on an RI fishing charter can be easily coordinated. Of course, you’ll want to do your research.

Before you book a fishing charter it’s important to make sure that it has been inspected. Those with an “Uninspected Passenger Vessel (UPV)” examination sticker can take no more than six passengers, while the “U.S. Coast Guard Inspected Passenger Vessels” are licensed to take over six. So, look for the inspection that fits your party size.

You’ll want to reserve a company in advanced, as charter boats quickly fill their schedules, especially in the summertime.  You can take a look at our Fishing Charter in Rhode Island directory for a list of great charter boats and adventures!  Most charter boats will see several species of saltwater fish darting along the Rhode Island coast. Depending on the season, you may scout: Striped Bass (the most popular catch), Bluefish (an easier one), Tautog, American Shad, Tuna, Seabass, Atlantic Cod and Fluke. When the water is warmer, many fishing charters will also encounter varieties of larger fish, like: whales, dolphin, sea turtles, and giant ocean sunfish. Captains even tend to spot sharks puncturing the sea line with their famous dorsal fins, so perhaps consider booking a “bigger boat.” If you don’t see any of these, try not to be disappointed. Instead, pick the captain’s brain, and you will surely get a thrilling tale of what’s been seen in the past.

It truly doesn’t get any better than sailing the sparkling seas of Rhode Island. After relishing in what many people call the “thrill of a lifetime,” the best part can be enjoying your catch on the grill. All aboard!


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