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Buddy Boot Camp…. Providing Valuable Structure for Kids!

Structure is vital to the success of our children as they find themselves in many different environments.  At Buddy Boot Camp, we provide our “buddies” with the boundaries of success.  Our instructors have clear expectations, allowing the kids to accomplish each task with minimal difficulty.  We strive to foster confidence and within this environment, the kids flourish.  They will learn how to cooperate with team members, set goals, and adhere to tasks.  These valuable skills will not only help them in camp, they will transfer over into everyday life.

Why is Structure Important?

Structure provides kids with much needed self-regulation.  This life skill will help kids to succeed in settings such as birthdays, busy outings, playgrounds, school and more.  The ability to control one’s impulses imperative at all ages.  Each day at Buddy Boot Camp, we ask kids to follow directions and complete different activities.  They need to work together and practice listening as well as direction following.  Buddy Boot Camp also offers the skills for kids to work together, ultimately leading to new and exciting friendships.

Structure also allows kids to set goals!  They will realize that setting attainable goals will help them to succeed.  They need to have the skill set to make a goal, create a plan, and then set their plan into motion.  Kids with self-discipline will find it is easier to meet their goals because they have ability to stick to their course of action.  At Buddy Boot Camp, we start with small goals and then work kids up to loftier goals…all within reach to foster confidence.

Another benefit of a structured environment is that it helps kids learn the importance of adhering to tasks.  Kids and adults are easily distracted in this digital world that ability to complete simple tasks can be overlooked.  We provide clear expectations that allow the buddies to complete each task with minimal difficulty.  We also teach kids the importance of not giving up on a task just because it isn’t easy.  Perseverance and confidence are just two of the many attributes we aim to address at Buddy Boot Camp!

Now is the perfect time to sign you and your buddy up for Buddy Boot Camp!  School is just around the corner and we want to help kids succeed in all environments.  We also want our buddies and their families to turn over a new leaf this fall.  One that commits each family to a healthier way of life, we are 100% here to help you accomplish this!

Register today at www.scbootcamp.com!



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