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Five Tips to Make Your RI Summer {With Kids} More Manageable {and FUN}

Now that summer is in full swing, filling the days with fun activities for small children often feels like a daunting and overwhelming task.  While summer days can mean fun and excitement for the whole family, finding the right activities or keeping the family occupied can make the days feel even longer.  Here are Providence Moms Blog’s top five tips for making any family’s summer more manageable and enjoyable.

Cut Out the “Middleman”

Whether we venture to one of Rhode Island’s great beaches, pools, or splash pads, or simply hang out in the backyard playing in the sprinklers, it is inevitable that at some point during the day my kids are going to want to be in their swimsuits.  So, more often than not, I cut out the middleman and just put them in their suits right after breakfast. This way, when we finally decide what we’re going to do for the day, they are already half ready and I don’t have go through the hassle of getting them changed.


Be Prepared

While I always try to have a bag in the car with extra clothes, I find this is all the more important in the summer. The beauty of summer days is that I try to be open to meandering adventures, which often means we end up in places I haven’t anticipated. I don’t want to have to say “no” to opportunities because I don’t have the right supplies.

For us, this means filling a large canvas beach bag with spare bathing suits for everyone (I can’t count the number of times I’ve been grateful that I’ve had my husband’s swimsuit in the car so that he is able to meet us at the YMCA or someone’s pool directly from work), extra sunscreen, hair elastics, beach blanket, first aid kit, bug spray, underwear, long sleeved shirts or pajamas (in case it’s suddenly 9:00pm and we haven’t made it home yet) quarters for the parking meter, and a stash of cash so that I can say “yes” when we pass by a Del’s cart or the ice cream truck.

Plan Field Trips

Maybe your kids are too young for camp, maybe it’s too expensive, or maybe you’re trying to simplify your summer.  Whatever the reason, if your kids are at home all summer, the weeks can get long. While there’s a lot to be said for unstructured play and letting kids be bored, budgeting a little time for some fun “field trips” can make the summer more exciting for everyone. Some easy trips we have planned this summer include roller skating, rock climbing, bowling, and checking out a local farm.


Find Free {and Cool} Entertainment

When it gets too hot to be outside and we’ve spent our field trip budget for the week, we get a little desperate for an air conditioned change of scenery. Luckily there are a lot of fun, free things to do in the summer in Rhode Island. The local library is always the first place we go.  Between storytimes, arts and crafts, and the summer reading program, we always find something to keep the kids occupied for hours. When we get really desperate we’ll even head to a pet store; the wall of various fish alone can take 20 minutes to stroll through.

Here are even more ideas for brainstorming low priced entertainment options.


Manage Your Expectations

I find that one of the real keys to a successful summer is to have realistic expectations. The days we try to pack too much in end with overtired, cranky kids and parents. We try to plan no more than one outing each day and leave ourselves a lot of downtime. Consider letting the kids have a bit more screen time than you normally would, do a lot of reading and snuggling, and let them be bored.

And when all else fails, head to the playground (check here for over 70 local listings) and have pizza delivered to you there. I guarantee that the kids will be thrilled with the change of scenery and the novelty of a playground pizza party.

For more ideas for family summer fun, check out Providence Moms Blog’s Summer Bucket List and follow our Facebook page to get the latest tips and news from local moms.

Guest Post: Providence Moms Blog

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