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Getaway on Rhode Island’s Very Own Cruise Line

In the 1960’s, Luther Blount began inviting friends to come on his ship for their family vacation. It wasn’t until years later, when Luther had begun drafting long wait lists of pals that were eager to join him, that the businessman realized he had touched on gold. In 1966, with the intention of still giving his friends and family the chance to travel to the amazing destinations that he’d seen, Luther began building unique boats that ultimately formed what is his legacy today: Blount Small Ship Adventures.

Image: Blount Small Ship Adventures.


Since it’s birth, the cruise ships have taken guests to some of the most fantastic places on earth, including: through the Panama Canal, Central and South America and the Caribbean. And it all started in Rhode Island! “The first night on board, the captain usually asks for a show of hands from those passengers who have sailed with the line before,” a statement reads on the company’s site. “The response is always overwhelming, and tends to leave the first timer stunned. For no matter how they might have heard about us… they immediately wonder what could be the reason so very many people repeat the Blount Small Ship experience.”

One of the reasons seems to be that their ships provide a much more personal experience than bigger cruise lines. The smaller size of the vessels creates a greater feeling of warmth and camaraderie amongst the excited passengers. With over 50 years in the business, Blount Small Ship Adventures cultivates a family feeling while at the sea.

“We are a family at sea,” urges Nancy Blount, Luther’s daughter and the now president of the business. “This was a guiding principle for us from the time we were taking those family vacations. But it quickly turned into how we treated our travelers. My father used to say, ‘I want people to feel like they are cruising on a friend’s yacht.’ Creating a casual atmosphere where good food, fun entertainment, interesting activities and camaraderie remain our priority.”

It’s clear that the Blount family is comprised of innovators. Even today, they run on a mission to bring the curious people of the world to some of the most rare places, sparking inspiration and passion. Luther’s memory is still very much alive, with the company offering a chance for patrons to experience what “getting away” really means. And with Rhode Island roots, it’s certain you’ll be in great hands once you climb aboard!

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