Many people are hesitant to return to their workout routine if it is in a gym-like setting, and for a good reason.  It is hard to maintain appropriate social distance, workout with a mask, and hope that all equipment has been sanitized to protocol.  While some gyms have proven to be safe, it is understandable to have concerns about returning.  We wanted to share how we are maintaining social distance, following protocols, and providing clients with an effective one-hour workout.
     South County Adventure Boot Camp is held outdoors at Broadrock Athletic Fields.  The complex includes three vast baseball fields, plenty of parking area, a nature trail, and ample area beyond the fields.  The middle baseball field alone is 65,000 square feet!  Due to space, we have no problems keeping our campers at least 15 feet apart.  Campers do not need to wear a  mask once we are set up and begin our workouts.  It is unsafe to exercise in the heat while wearing a mask.  We ask that campers wear their masks until they are adequately spaced. There are two parking areas so that we can stagger the arrival and departure of campers.   Campers have always brought weights, mats, and water with them.  Bands, jump ropes, and other equipment are also encouraged.  Here is what you need to bring with you:
Unless otherwise instructed, please bring:
1) Exercise mat.
2) Weights: a set of Dumbbells (Everyone will use a different amount preferably between 3-10 lbs is usually the choice for many campers. If you are unsure, always start with a lighter weight and increase as we go along.
3) Water for drinking/* you may also want to bring a towel.
4) ****If you have more space or added equipment or things you would like to use for your workouts, then bring them to camp with you. WE CAN CUSTOMIZE your workouts to YOUR SPACE AND EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE TO YOU. How cool is that?
Here is a link to some equipment that might benefit you to use in the workouts.

 With over 65,000 square feet of outdoor space, the possibilities are endless.  At South County Adventure Boot Camp, we know the importance of encouragement.  Since we are outside and safely distanced, you can still work out with like-minded and motivated women! Our campers have always attributed much of their success to the group of women they are surrounded by.   Social interaction is essential during this pandemic.  Our camps offer a way to socialize in a healthy, safe, and positive way.  Have a look at how we practice social distancing while working out:

     Most of our clients have been with us for many years.  Committing to boot camp will hold you accountable, allow you to set goals, and give your trainers a chance to help you meet and achieve those goals.  The future of this pandemic is uncertain.  However, we have a pandemic proof plan if we are not safe to return to indoors when the weather changes.  South County Adventure Boot Camp will go virtual and interactive as we did when quarantine set in.  Zoom allows us to be personal trainers right in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose.  Women from all over can join us this way!  The best part is, you can still socialize and motivate the women you are working out with.  When you join South County Adventure Boot Camp, you receive our commitment to you and your health!  We will be with you 110% of the way, no matter what the future throws our way.  We look forward to helping you make a change! Join us at