Looking For a Lifestyle Change?

An effective workout regiment is more than your time in the gym, at a class, or on a machine. The intention is to create a healthy lifestyle, meaning all aspects of your life are impacted. At South County Boot Camp and Coaching for women, we understand the importance of a lifestyle change. We are both a fitness and coaching program, as stated in our name. South County Boot Camp and Coaching for Women will go beyond your workout and even change your daily life; here is how:

Confidence:  Confidence comes from within. It comes from setting and achieving goals. It comes from hard work and dedication. It comes from trying your best and surprising yourself. Confidence comes from that feeling of; I did it! Our program will push you to your limits and show you how much you can achieve. Not only will you feel better, but you will also look better. A stronger, happier, healthier version of you awaits.  

  After your first camp with us, you will see a difference in your endurance. If you have ever felt tired or out of breath doing the things you want to have energy for, this is for you. Our clients often tell us how they notice a massive change in their activities outside of boot camp. Many clients have started achieving goals they never thought possible. From climbing mountains to running races, so many opportunities ahead.


Strength:  Just as with endurance, you will notice how much stronger you have become. Tasks that may have been a struggle will seem more accessible and easier because they are. Our program incorporates bodyweight and weights for strength conditioning. The longer you stick with the program, the stronger you will become. Many of our campers start with 3lb weights and have graduated to 10lb weights throughout a few camps. Our bodyweight exercises and strength holds allow you to track your progress over time. Maybe your goal is to hold a plank longer or increase your weight or rep amounts. As your coaches, we will support you and motivate you to reach and surpass your personal goals.    

Lifestyle: Once you choose yourself, your whole life will change. After your hour workout, you will find that you are happier, motivated, energized, and more likely to make better choices throughout your day. Our program will also teach you many exercises that you can use during the day, on a trip, or wherever you are! One thing that is for sure, your coaches will be with you 100% of the way, promoting those changes that will go beyond your time at camp.    

If you are ready to change your lifestyle, join us at www.scbootcamp.com

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