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What You Might Have Missed: Flint Eastwood Rocked the Strand

What an amazing show last Sunday at the Strand. I caught Cherry Pools, Flint Eastwood, and Massachusetts natives PVRIS. First of all, I was bombarded with a sense of nostalgia as I walked up Washington Street toward the theater where I had seen so many of my favorite musicians and bands throughout the 9o’s and early 2000’s. I waited in line with a mess of younger 20-somethings filling with that old sense of excited anticipation just like in the old days. When we got inside, I was blown away with how beautiful the renovated theater looks. Gone were the booze soaked carpets and the cloud of smoke that hovered above the crowd. The murals on the ceiling have been retouched, the floors have been refinished, the bars have been rebuilt, even the bathrooms look great!

Now for the bands… For a group of young guys, Cherry Pool played like a group that has been together for many years. They had some great original songs and did a fantastic cover of “How Will I Know” by the late Whitney Houston. Headliner PVRIS’s hauntingly melodic sound resonated soulfully throughout the theater. Lead singer Lynn Gunn has such a unique and angelic voice.

In this girl’s opinion though, Flint Eastwood stole the show! Even though this brother-sister duo was placed in the middle of the lineup, I have a good feeling they will be headlining very soon. There were no stage sets, very few instruments, even frontwoman Jax Anderson dressed down in Carhartt overalls. There was no concealing the pure energy that is Jax Anderson though. She looked like an indie-rock version of Pippy Longstocking and she hit the stage like an A-bomb! The crowd was instantly engaged and everyone was jumping to songs like “Monster” and “Queen”. She interlaced some powerful messages about the importance of being a strong woman and creating change for the better in this world. What an amazing and dynamic artist! I wish there were more Jax Andersons in this world.

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