Virtual Reality at Showcase Cinema in Providence Place

In the last few years, virtual reality has taken the gaming world by storm. There is no cooler experience than being inside the game you are playing. For this Gen X’er, consider my mind officially blown! My first gaming experiences involved a small gray box of joy with the letters N-I-N-T-E-N-D-O stenciled on it. This was hooked up to an old school television in which you would have to turn a dial to put it on Channel 3 in order to enter the World of Zelda.

Fast forward to last Thursday, at the Showcase Cinema in Providence Place, where I experienced the amazing virtual gaming world. Don, one of the VR gurus, explained all the ins and outs of some pretty remarkable games. I started off the world from Space Pirates. Don showed me how to put the mask over my glasses and walked me through how to use both my right and left hand devices as shields and different types of weaponry. Not going to lie…saving the world can be a workout!

Next, my friend Ryan got to try out the beautiful and creative world of Tilt Brush. Imagine being an artist inside of the painting you are creating, literally creating a three-dimensional painting. It was just as fascinating to watch Ryan create images as it was for Ryan to create them.

Next, it was my turn to try my hand at Job Simulator where I took on different careers such as office worker, mechanic, and chef. I was sending off faxes, repairing transmissions, and cooking up some culinary delights like the best of them! Ryan has a great time laughing at my antics as well.

These VR booths are an awesome addition to the Showcase Cinemas! You can squeeze in a quick game before a movie, or spend a longer time after catching the latest blockbuster. Prices are $5 for 5 minutes, $8 for 10 minutes, or $15 for 30 minutes of play. Personally, I can’t wait to go back!

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